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Welcome to the Bible Challenge for Catholics LINKS INDEX.

These are the updated links for Bible Challenge for Catholics formerly presented at The list below is of current and active website ministries which share the gospel of Jesus Christ and expose the errors and evils of the sytem of Roman Catholicism.

Salvation is a free gift from God and fully paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ shed once for all at the cross. This gift is received, not by works, nor by the deeds of Roman Catholicism, but is received simply by trusting faith in God solely through His Son Jesus Christ.

The previous list, which was discontinued for 4 years, has been reactivated with sites reindexed. Any sites that were taken off the web, moved, or otherwise discontinued are marked accordingly. Material removed is now displayed on archived pages made available for display.

The list of new additional sites is now also available. Changes, suggestions, modifications, corrections, alterations, or additions desired for this list of links should be directed by email to us at

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    See the list of BBB's articles concerning Roman Catholicism at Google.

  a. Information on Roman Catholicism

  b. Chick Tract: Are Roman Catholics Christians?

  c. Chick Tract: Why is Mary Crying?

  d. Chick Material: Smokescreens

  e. Chick Tract: Last Rites

    Is the Virgin Mary dead or alive?

Pacific Institute
    Topical Category: Roman Catholicism

Protestant Apologetics and Theology
    The Present-Day Official Teachings Of The R.C. Church