Bible Challenge for Catholics
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they received the word with all readiness of mind,
and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.
Therefore many of them believed;
-Acts of the Apostles XVII,11b-12a

This webring was closed along with every other. This restored list index (not simply composed of only ringmembers) closed 6 years ago. Now in 2018 it is back on the web as was, namely, a list of links of websites that show the gospel of Jesus Christ and expose the errors and evils of the system of the Church of Rome.

The new index may be found at

As for this older page, we decided, ahead of time, upon certain additions: To put up a RED icon if the site is open and a GRAY icon if the site was closed. Also, a SKELETON if articles exposing Roman Catholicism were removed before the site closed. The skeleton indicates that they may be hiding that they formerly disclosed the errors of Roman Catholicism. Hence having a "skeleton in the closet".

As a result, the categories broke down as follows...

  "Open" indicates that the site has remained open at the same URL.

  "Missing" indicates that the site page disappeared.

  "Moved" indicates that the site has remained open, yet moved to a new URL.

  "Removed" indicates a site that closed when the hosting provider stopped servicing. See the link for the archived page.

  "Closed" indicates a site that was closed by the webmaster. There will likely be an archived link provided.

The skeleton indicates a site that at one time had articles exposing the errors of Roman Catholicism but stopped presenting them.
If there is a full-sized skeleton alone, this indicates the site is open but is disqualified as an honored member of this list.
For retired, removed, or closed sites that later removed their exposé articles before going down, a smaller skeleton is presented.

The original version of this page six years ago is still available archived here.

The dates we presented here were from the best of our analysis. If any of the data on this page is in error, please email us at If any of the sites listed as "closed" are yet found on the web, we truly would like to know. We are especially seeking new links that expose the errors of Roman Catholicism to add to this list. Do contact us!

This list is not etched in stone. We can change it. However, we are not in control of the archived websites. We only linked to them.

Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ,
that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

-Galatians II,16

Bible Challenge for Catholics
Links Index
with newly added comments
including about hidden "skeletons in the closet"...

    NEWEST SITE!    The Dangers of Donating to the Catholic Church
    Yes! Would you believe it? Nutrition expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, in his own words, spoke out on his website in 2007 about "fraud and deception concerns". Yet, it was only in 2007 that this page was up on his website. Can you imagine the pressure he must have faced over this? Do you see the courage this man had to speak his mind on the topic which he spoke out about in the past? This man is notably great with instruction about nutrtion! OH NO! removed this from their files! Did Dr. Mercola's team request this removed? We still thought this should be mentioned.

    NEW SITE!    Roman Catholicism and the Ecumenical Movement!
    The Shepherd's Voice

      This site moved to and faithfully continuing from 2006 until 2020.
      The archive page is available.


  1. Fascinating Reading of Holy Bible for Roman Catholics
    Fascinating Reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics

    The sponsoring ministry of the BCFC Webring and this list of links!
      Our own page since 1998 on The BCFC Webring closed along with webrings in general.
      The ministry of dokimos started on the web in 1996 before it moved to its domain in 1998.
      These pages may also be found at

  2. Seeds Of Faith
    The Roman Catholic Bible Has The Answer
      From 2001 to 2008.
      The Roman Catholic Bible still has the answer, yet the website stating this went offline.
      Yet, this article is still available on the web at address such as here and the archived page.

  3. Former Catholics for Christ
    The GOOD NEWSletter
      Called "Becky's Page". This website was closed with the rest of GeoCities.
      Yet, it was moved to the domain
      The Geocities page was archived.

      Look for the link for the article "When Pig's Fly". This has been archived.
      This website closed with its other webpage on a separate site on GeoCities.
      Why did they have to have two websites? Oh, never mind. We do that ourselves here!

  5. What Saith the Scripture?
    Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Pastor Charles Chiniquy
      This website is still open.
      We own an old copy of this book. A worthy read.

  6. Ex-Roman Catholic for Jesus
      This Christian lady and her husband are ex-Roman Catholics
      but this is not an ex-website on AngelFire which has been on since 1999.

  7. The Roman Catholic Observer
      Understanding the Catholic Church in light of Scripture, history, reason and logic.
      Another Angelfire site but devoted to the ministry of exposing Roman Catholicism that has been on the web since 1999.

  8. Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Ed's Web Page
      Ed took down his page about the return of Christ. Maybe he'll be back. Ed that is.
      We know for sure Jesus will return. Scroll about 5/8 down the page to "Apostasy and Miscellaneous Files".
      Ed had his website up from 2003 until 2010.

  9. Stuart's Castle: Sola Gratia
    Promise-Keepers and the Rising Tide of Ecumenism by Gil Rugh
      Sadly, Stuart took down his website which included his section exposing Roman Catholicism.
      The torn down Stuart's Castle can still be seen in the archives...
      Does anyone you know use Heidelbe-Normal font?

  10. Bread Upon The Waters Ministry
    A Response To Roman Catholic Teaching
      Announcing "Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!"
      Well, these people were getting people ready until they quit their website.
      Perhaps Francois is with Jesus in Heaven now.
      He exposed "The Cult of Mary", the deadly deception of "UFO's" (UFO's what?), and "Other Important Topics".
      You just have to love those vertical stripe bars on the left!

  11. Let Us Reason
    Articles on the Roman Catholic Religion
      Dig it folks! Since 1999, they are still on the web exposing cults!
      They are still not too fond of Charismatics, may I please point out, though.
      Perhaps somebody may want to discuss this with the "administrator" of their domain.

  12. Do/Done Home Page
    presented by Christians Evangelizing Catholics
      You guessed it! They did do and now they're done. Oooo, these Christians evangelized Filipinos, too.
      Did they put a "permanent" address on their retired site.
      Still, if they moved, just ask "Where is Bill?" and click the link near top.

      True! Jesus IS Lord! Amen! Also, their website still IS there since the afternoon of February 8, 1997!
      Though the author did take a vacation from 6-29-97 to 7-5-97 as his 1997 page shows.
      ONLY readeth out of the King James Version Bible.

  14. Cephas Apologetic Catalog
      AOL websites went DOA. This website ministry moved to a domain.
      Be sure to visit the Home page for a list of articles.

  15. Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal
    Why is the Catholic Mary so important to Catholics?
      This website has been up but it is now called "Blessed Quietness Journal".
      This is, of course, like its domain name.
      The page they had on the website of is still there but the articles cannot be found.
      Click the donkey to see their page with the links available...

  16. The Lighthouse
    Christian Bible Based Cult Awareness Center: Catholicism
      The lamp of the lighthouse went out yet we can still see a glimer through the archive.
      The bottom of their page has a return to their index on a number of subjects.

  17. It Is Finished!
    From Confusion To Conversion
      Indeed it is finished with the site becoming inactive.
      The bottom of their page has a return to their index on a number of subjects.

  18. Roman Catholicism and the Scriptures
      This website was closed with the rest of GeoCities.
      It is lost and has gone south.

  19. The Jeremiah Project
    Roman Catholicism
      Page forwards to a new page on their site but this site is still very active.
      This appointed watchman remains on duty!

  20. Mission to Catholics International, Inc.
      Remains holding forth the word of life at their new domain. I miss their original spinning logo on their old coverpage.
      Great bunch of articles. The newer website could still use some work on those green borders.
      Original website:

      Made some improvements over the years.
      Has a video now.

  22. Alpha and Omega Ministries
      We needed to upgrade the link to their online bookstore for this "first and last" website.
      Here is the link to their old page "in between" with online discussions.

    Leaven of the Pharisees - Roman Catholicism
      Bill Carrigan had his website up from 1999 to 2018.
      You may also find this page archived at Leaven of the Pharisees: Roman Catholicism.

  24. Biblical Discernment Ministries
      This part of "The Beardsley Ministry Homepage" website is not easy to navigate to from the home page.
      The older website was the same. The 2019 archived page link is available here.

  25. Reformation Online
      This ministry is faithfully declaring the Reformation from Roman Catholicism to Biblical Christianity.
      Yet, since this website has been vigorously active over the years, we do believe it of benefit
      to view earlier versions of their website.

  26. Gorden & Jacki's Place
    Conversion from Roman Catholicism to Biblical Christianity
      This Baptist couple has a long standing testimony on the web since 2000.
      We admire their long-stood faithfulness.

  27. Berean Beacon Ministries
      The website has had some changes over the years and had some wonderful upgrades.
      Their light still shines!

  28. a. Watch Unto Prayer
    Marian Apparitions & Prophesies

    b. Watch Unto Prayer
    Evangelicals & Catholics Together Document
      As this ministry's coverpage used to say, quoting 1 Peter 4:7a, "But the end of all things is at hand:"
      Their website just closed down last year. It has been replaced by their new site with a change of articles.

  29. Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries
    Is Purgatory Biblical?
      Although, the website coverpage is missing some images, this page is still up on the web.
      Their light is still on, though it may be questioned how active this ministry is currently.

  30. Way of Life Homepage
    End Times Apostasy Online Database, Roman Catholic Church
    We are sorry to have to put a skeleton up for this ministry that still has articles exposing Roman Catholicism.   Yet their site coverpage does not have the link to that section like it used to. A bit hidden now isn't it? If you are searching their pages, yes, you may yet find such articles. Still, you would have to be looking for it. Unless, that is, if they put up an article recently which shows on their index.html page. We are presenting the archived pages of their database here

    The Other Side of Rome
    Sometime in 2009 this website changed its ministry and stopped presenting pages specifically exposing Roman Catholicism. They kept up their Sola Scriptura pages and others for sometime until recently about this year of 2018 they entirely revamped their website. For some reason, certain aspects of sound doctrine on their website were done away with. We clearly recognize this ministry as hiding skeletons in their closet. See their website as it is today.

  32. Good News for Catholics
      The faithful website of retired in 2014.
      Did it reopen with a whole new look as
      This site did have a number of changes over the years.

  33. The Christian Corner
    Questions for Catholics
      Another GeoCities site shutdown along with the rest.
      The archived version is available.

  34. The Cutting Edge
    What saith Rome?
      The Cutting Edge is still sharp!
      This website has still been continuing since 1998.

  35. Christian News & Views: Newsletter & Resource Page
    The Truth about Catholicism is still showing.
      This website has also been continuing since 1998.

  36. Christian Youth Alliance
      This gospel website with its pages and links to closed in 2007.
      They did need to learn how to properly set page backgrounds.  

  37. Proclaiming the Gospel
      They maintain abiding proclaiming the gospel, too! They later upgraded their domain name.
      Since 1998.  

  38. The European Institute of Protestant Studies
      We needed to change the page to their archived site to their main page.
      The page has a link to his "Errors of Rome" section.
      The website now forwards to his recorded sermons.

  39. The Interactive Bible Home Page
    Roman Catholic Faith Examined
      Remaining bold, continuing, and interactive.
      Here is another ministry since 1998.  

  40. Saints Alive in Jesus Ministry Website
    The Roman Catholic Church, A Biblical Critique
      This ministry used to win Mormons to faith in Jesus used to have this page exposing Roman Catholicism.
      They now have recordings for this purpose available from this page.

  41. Lamb & Lion Ministries
    Catholics and Protestants: How Big are the Differences?
      This website's domain name changed.
      A long standing faithful ministry in a new location.

      The article is now on another website linked to.
      Please visit the new webpage.

  43. Christian Liberty
      This website was closed together with all the other AOL websites.

  44. a. CMR's Apologetics Index
    Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: A Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon: Part 1

    b. CMR's Apologetics Index
    Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: A Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon: Part 2
      These pages are active.

  45. Bible Bulletin Board
    The Roman Catholic Religion Examined
      This article is still posted.

  46. Antipas Ministries: The End Times Network
    The Woman of Revelation 17
      These are the end times yet the time for this article has not ended.
      This ministry has stayed alive.

  47. Christian Research and Evangelism
    Reformation v. Roman Catholic Views
      This website was archived before it was closed permanently.
      "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you,
      and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

  48. The Berean Call
      Abiding in their call and active.

  49. Evangelical Outreach
    Information for Catholics
      Continuing since 2000.
      This ministry has stayed alive.

  50. The Trinity Foundation Website
    Intellectual Dishonesty and Roman Catholic Apologetics
      Continuing since 2004.
      This ministry has stayed alive.

  51. Reformed Witness
    Roman Catholicism: A Biblical Analysis
      Southfield Reformed Presbyerian Church took down this article.
      They changed their approach regarding Roman Catholicism by asking questions to let individuals decide for themselves.
      This is their new page. You also may decide if they really have a skeleton hiding in their closet.

  52. Darkness to Light
      Their light is still shining brightly since 2004.
      In 2008 they did make adjustment to their pages with an open mind.

  53. Joy Ministries
    Do I have to join your church to be saved?
      This ministry from Houston, Texas closed in 2008.

  54. The Pilgrim's Path
    Misc. Articles of the New Catholic Catechism
      This site was closed along with rest of GeoCities.
      Feel free to visit their archived page.

  55. Landmark Independent Baptist Church Homepage
    An Open Letter to Roman Catholics
      This church from Archer, Florida had their site closed with other AOL sites.
      Their new domain website at now replaces their previous website.

  56. Roland's
    The Great Fraud: Orthodoxy and Catholicism vs. Christianity
      This church website has been closed.
      Moreover, it has been excluded from archives. Did we get the wrong address for this site?

  57. Didaskalos Ministries
    Why Protestants Reject the Papacy
      This website presents a different series of articles now.
      Visit the upgraded new website.
      This is searching using the word "catholic" to view what David Buffaloe now presents.

  58. a. Chick Publications

    b. Chick Publications
    Information on Roman Catholicism

    c. Chick Publications
    Tract: Are Roman Catholics Christians?

    d. Chick Publications
    Tract: Why is Mary Crying?

    e. Chick Publications

    f. Chick Publications
    Tract: Last Rites
      Chick tracts are yet sold even past the time that Jack Chick has gone home to be with Jesus.

  59. The Protestant Webring
      This webring was closed along with every other on the internet.
      This was one of our own ministries at The ministry of dokimos expanded now with

  60. The Church of the Living Word
    Roman Catholic Tradtions vs. God's Biblical Truth
      This church in Syracuse, NY used to have a "tracts" section including this article.
      Sometime in 2016 they took the page down. Wonder why they did that?
      Did we find another skeleton hiding in a closet?

  61. Home Page of Robert C. Jones
    A Brief History of the Inquisition
      This site has remained open since 2001.
      Too bad many of us did not get these kind of teaching is Sunday School when we grew up!

  62. XL Ministries
    Roman Catholicism vs. Biblical Christianity
      Did this ministry simply take their page down and replace it with another page offering free literature?
      Perhaps it is that they stopped selling all their books entirely and are only showing a price of $0.00?
      Should we contact them and ask? In any case here is their new website without their old article.
      The bones are still lying around.

  63. Choose Ye This Day
      This website has been open since 2001.

  64. Abbott Loop Community Church
    Romanism Calmly Considered
    Sometime around 2007 or afterwards, this ministry in Anchorage, Alaska took down their page. This page had an outline teaching about "Mary, Mother of Jesus." where they asked, "Are we really Protestants? Or are we proclaimers of the truth?" Hey, Abbott! May we ask, please, are you still Protestants?

  65. Christianity Versus Man Made Religion
    The Roman Catholic Pope And The Papacy
      Click the link on their menu on the left for "Roman Catholicism" or the ones just below it.
      This site was on the web from 2005 to 2011. The domain is now usurped by another.

  66. Bethel Ministries
    Mother Teresa's Teaching vs. The Bible
      This site was up from 2000 to 2013.
      You will need to click on links on the archived page to go deeper to find more.

  67. Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    Roman Catholicism
      The page we linked to moved but the site has been up with material there.
      The domain of has been up since 2001.

  68. Dabz Domain
    Things You Never Knew
      From 2001 to 2008, there were things you never know that you could find on the web.
      You may even still find them now.

    For Roman Catholics
      Relocated page but continues to ask the question...
      "Does the Roman Catholic Church represent the true Christian faith?"
      Michael Fackerell's article still has no ratings yet at the time our own page was reloaded? Anyone care to?
      He has had the page up one place or another since 2014.

  70. A Christian witness to Roman Catholicism
      From 2000 to 2015 this ministry grew.
      A dedicated website ministry.

  71. Friends of William Tyndale
    Why were our reformers burned?
      From 2001 to 2010 this website asked the musical question.
      Now the domain is down. We would hate to imagine what might have happened.

  72. Just for Catholics
      Since 2001 this ministry has most directly addressed the issue to the precious Roman Catholic people.
      Don't feel bad if you are a Protestant. You can read it, too!

  73. Carmel Contender's Homepage
      The page is still up but we are not sure all the links are working.
      We are uncertain about the page forwarding.

  74. Different Gospels
    The Roman Catholic Church
      Reaching out with the gospel since 2001.
      Steady on the web since 2001.
      Roman Catholicism is only one of the different gospels they expose.

  75. Allan Svensson's Web Site
    From 1999 to 2015 Allan presented his website of pages where he says "some people feel heartly shocked when they read" his articles. This site in 1999 was originally in the Swedish language then translated to English. It closed in 2015. We are sorry to present this closed site with a "skeleton in the closet" since this site once faithfully linked to us. Nonetheless, they once exposed and mentioned about the Catholic Church then stopped. The link presents the time they yet spoke boldly.

  76. The Biblicist - Christian Interactive Forum
    Roman Catholicism
      This page was on the web from 2002 to 2012 with other articles as well.
      Since that time it retired from the web, putting the domain up for sale.

  77. Philologos Religious Online Books
    The Two Babylons
      Indeed, this website has abided on the web since late 1998 until 2020.
      They did place up additional "sponsored content" which is now archived.

  78. Little Billy's Reality
    Catholic "Church" Not Christian
      From 2001 to 2014, Little Billy had continally asked the question...
      Are these "Marian Apparitions or Deceptive Angels?".

  79. Protestant Reformation Publications
      Since 2000, has continued on the web.
      In later years they presented the article "Lechery in the Church of Rome Exposed".

  80. Michael Scheifler's Bible Light Home Page
      Mr. Scheifler has been maintaining the Bible Light since 2000.
      He asks, "What's New Recently Revised Or Timely?"
      We are not sure when he did the last update to his website.

  81. Roman Catholic Charismatics
    by Bill Scudder, Dayton OH
      Despite that we lost the original address for the webpage listed 10 years ago,
      we have, nonetheless, found his article yet posted on the web.

  82. Eternal Life Insights
      This website went down went lost all their data.
      Howbeit, the page was yet archived.

  83. Azusa's Home page
    Catholic Charismatics and Unity
      This website went down went AOL.
      The article on this page, again, is the one by Bill Scudder.

  84. Eternal Life Insights
      This site closed with FortuneCity.
      The website was up from 2002 to 2012.

  85. The Ultimate Deception
    The Two Babylons by the late Rev. Alexander Hislop (download file)
      This is not a file download anymore. You read the article online.

  86. Global Network Business Exchange
    The Spirit of the Godfathers
      From 2000 to 2004 only until it became an "Invalid Domain".
      Apostate christianity & worldly powers shake hands.

  87. War in Heaven: Rome versus Jerusalem
      This page was up from 2001 and is still up today! This is even the website coverpage now.
      When this website first started this was its page

    Is the Virgin Mary dead or alive?
      This webpage was alive from 2000 to 2020.
      Ruben benAbraham introduced the topic on his page with a provocative question.

  89. Vatican Bank Claims
      The claims were made in 1999. This page was up from 2000 to 2015.
      Were the claims settled or was it that only the website went down?

  90. Power of Prophecy
    The monthly newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs
      Does anyone else remember Texe Marrs? His site has been up since 1997!
      Eventually he put up articles exposing Roman Catholicism.

  91. Ephesians 5:11
      Ephesians 5:11, is a counter-cult ministry which specializes in subversive religious organizations which deny being religions.
      Started on the web in 1997 and still continuing as an incorporated 501 (c) (3).

  92. Defending the faith in the Last Days
      Since 1999, has exposed Roman Catholicism with their page about "The Counterfeit Kingdom".
      In later years now they have announced that "The chip implant is here". I do not plan on being online for that.

  93. Pacific Institute
    Topical Category: Roman Catholicism
      Since 1997, the proof has not been nullified.
      Oh yes, this page has been on the web unchanged. It is also still there today!

    Conclusive proof from the Bible that the Pope is the Antichrist
      Starting 2000, there were very little changes to this long list of links.
      This site continued until 2014.

  95. Contender Ministries
      This page, which in its early days, featured the picture of a frowning pope, continued until 2014.
      The author said, "I can hear many of your objections already. You’re wondering what Roman Catholicism is doing under the cults."

  96. The Pope Is A Dope Page
      This website is an old favorite of ours. It was on the web from 2002 to 2009.
      After that it went Chinese. Now this URL mentions why maintaining a cesspool is so important.
      Feel free to visit the archived website linked here!

  97. Evangelize America
    Timeline of Heresy in the Catholic Church
      During 2004 to 2011, William Kingsnorth had this website was up.
      Then in 2012, Lighthouse Ministries homepage started by Jim Kingsnorth as an evanglistic music ministry page instead.
      Then that too went down. Since the website was taken over by another, we could not give a skeleton for this one.

      This site was up from 2002 to 2014.
      They published different pages. Some exposed Roman Catholicism. Others spoke on other matters.
      It will take a search of their site to find varied material.

  99. Christian Morality Basics
    What Organized Religions Don't Say
      The first decade of the 21st century featured this website.
      Organized religion was the focus of the problem and the Roman Catholic Church certainly got mentioned.

  100. Truth Leads 2 Life
    Water Baptism (by Joe Slowiaczek)
      From 2003 to today, Mr. Slowiaczek published a comparison of religious faiths.
      Since Joe did not believe in salvation by works, as shown in his doctrinal statement, his disagreement with Roman Catholicism becomes evident.

  101. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His prophecy
      In 2002, the Boston Globe newspaper in Boston exposed Roman Catholic priestly pedophelia and this website mentioned articles about such.
      This website ministry continued until 2014. Not a huge website but it does have additional articles.

  102. Bible Baptist Church of Blarney and Mallow, Ireland
    Why Roman Catholicism is Not Christianity
      Since 2003 up unto today, these Bible Baptists ask you, in this section, "Don't get upset..."
      They ask, "Are you able to take a simple look at what the Catholic Church teaches compared to what the Scriptures actually say?"

  103. Pope Joan-The Papal History That Will Not Go Away!
      Only for five years was this site up then it left.
      Yet from 2003 to 2008 they mentioned the papal history that would not go away.
      It is even back today on display through this website's archive links! The archive also did not go away!

  104. Reaching Catholics for Christ
      From 2000 until today, these people are still reaching Catholics for Christ!
      They have links for their radio program archives from 2000 to 2005.

  105. The Bereans Apologetics Research Ministry
    The Errors of Romanism
      Their link above was removed sometime in 2016 or after. Yet this ministry since 2002 has new pages.
      See their new page discussing Romanism. Unfortunately, the pages links do not function.

  106. Protestant Apologetics and Theology
    The Present-Day Official Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Church
      Since 2001 and still going. The Roman Catholic Church's last council was in 1965.
      Therefore, this website show present-day official teachings of that church are still up-to-date.

  107. Immanuel Ministries
    Inside the Catholic Catechism
      From 2001 until today, this right-align list of article continues to present day.
      The correct name for this ministry is "Deception in the Church". Apologies for the past title mislisting.

  108. Upon This Rock
    The Restrainer
      This website's page was not properly archived.
      The rest of the site still exists of this individual who departed from "his old catholic church". His testimony page is archived and linked to here.

  109. The Conversion Center, Inc. was up from 2001 to 2012.
      It is difficult on the archive to find their actual articles.

  110. Probe Ministries
    The Old Testament Apocrypha Controversy (by Don Closson)
      Who took Don Closson's article down from in 2005? It was there since 2000.
      Why didn't they keep it in their own running archives for display on the web? We still found it elsewhere!
      We decided to not give this site a skeleteon because they do have other articles discussing the Apocrypha now.

  111. Is Mary a Source of Holiness?
    Balancedword Women's Ministries
      After 2009 this site moved to where it remained until 2016.
      In their move they did not bring their articles. They placed audio files up instead and did not include that material.
      What a shame! They said,"All studies and artiles should be linked up by mid November 2009"

  112. Papacy Uncovered
      From 2003 to 2008 they uncovered the Papacy.
      Then it was just covered up again when they removed their site.

  113. Catholic Concerns
    The Spirit of Roman Catholicism
    Book online by Mary Ann Collins (A Former Catholic Nun)
      We believe this sweet lady, who we knew, went home to be with Jesus.
      Yet her articles have been republished on the ministry sites of a number of others on the web.

  114. Rome & Ecumenism
    The Christian Expositor
      Since 2003, this page has been on the web.
      The page was moved but only elsewhere on their website.

  115. What is your view of the Catholic Church?
    Rapture Ready
      Likewise, since 2003, this page has been on the web.
      The page was moved but only elsewhere on their website just the same.

  116. Escaped Catholics Saved By Grace
      This site went down with AOL then reopened elsewhere.
      John Schroeder did not give up!

  117. In Understanding Be Adults
    Christians Evangelizing Roman Catholics
      2003 to 2011 were the years of this domain site ministry.
      Dermot Nash wanted us to consider 5 major issues regarding the gap between the faiths.

  118. Freedom From Catholicism
    Mary Ann Collins (A Former Catholic Nun)
      This is the page that was originally up in 2002.
      Subsequent years, to 2008, Ms. Collins substituted pages with published books.

  119. The Catholic Chronicles by Keith Green
    About Keith Green and the Catholic Chronicles
      From 2004 to 2013 these pages were on the web. These are the late musician Keith Green's articles exposing Roman Catholicism.
      After Keith went on to be with Jesus, his widow Melody Green did not want to have her Catholic friends continually offended by these articles.
      She insisted that they be taken down off the web. We present the link to the archive of these pages here. Also available at

Addendum. Sites previously listed...

  • Reaching the World for Christ Ministries
    Roman Catholicism

    These are links of those who were supporters for Bible Challenge for Catholics Webring:

  • dokimos
      This page is our own and still on the internet.

  • Cathoholics Anonymous
    Cathoholics Anonymous
      The archived site is accessed by the icon above.
      The current hyperlink to this website is below.

  • What Saith the Scripture?
      This link is still live! Their material On Catholicism and with the History of Protestantism is available!

  • Knowledge of Truth

      This website is also still alive, however they took down their material exposing Roman Catholicism.
      Not to despair! We now present the link to their archived material about The History of the Roman Catholic Church!

  • CONTRIBUTED TO BCFC! This site with additional material is now here...

    Cathoholics Anonymous
    Cathoholics Anonymous
    Here is the new link for Cathoholics Anonymous.