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At "Fascinating Reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics" you may find out about what the Holy Bible speaks on about various Roman Catholic doctrines and subjects such as A Cruce Salus A Mensa Et Toro A Posteriori Demonstration A Priori Demonstration A Vinculo Matrimonii Abbacy of Saint Jerome Abbe Abbess Abbey Nullius Abbot Primate Abrogation Abdication Abduction Abiogenesis Abjuration Ablution Abnegation Abomination of Desolation Abortion Abraham's Bosom Absolute Determinism Absolute Good Absolute Miracle Absolute Power Absolute Tutiorism Absolutely Supernatural Absolution from Censure Absolution of the Dying Absolutism Abstention Abstinence Abstraction Abulia Abyssinian Church Acacians Acceptants Access Accession Accident Accidents Accidie Acclamation Accommodation Accomplice Acculturation Acedia Acolyte Acosmism Acquired Contemplation Acquired Habit Act of Charity Act of Contrition Act of Faith Act of God Act of Hope Act of Hope Act of Man Acta Apostolicae Sedis Acta Sanctae Sedis Acta Sanctorum Action Active Life Active Unitive Way Active Virtues Activism Acts of the Apostles Acts of the Martyrs Acts of the Martyrs Acts of the Penitent Actual Actual Grace Actual Intention Actual Sin Actuality Actus Dei Ad Apostolorum Principis Ad Diem Illum Ad Gentes Divinitus Ad Hominem Ad Libitum Ad Limina apostolorum Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Ad Nutum Sanctae Sedis Ad Pascendum Ad Totam Ecclesiam Adaptation Addiction Addolorata Addolorata Adequate Reparation Adeste Fideles Adjuration Administration Adolescence Adoptionism Adoration of the Eucharist Adoro Te Devote Adult Adultery Advent Advent Wreath Advocate Advocatus Dei Advocatus Diaboli Aeon Affability Affected Ignorance Affections Affiliation Affinity Affirmation Affusion Agape Age of Aquarius Age of Discretion Age of Reason Age Quod Agis Agent Intellect Agere Contra Aggeus Aggiornamento Aglipayanism Agnoetes Agnosticism Agnus Dei Agony in the Garden Agrapha Ahab Ain Karim Aisle Aix-La-Chapelle Akathistos Hymn Akedah Alb Albigensianism Alexandrian Theology Alexians Alienation Aliturgical Days All Powerful All Saints All Souls Allegorical Sense Allegory Alleluia Allocution Alma Redemptoris Mater Almighty Almoner Alms Alms Box Aloes Alpha and Omega Alphabetic Psalms Altar Bell Altar Boy Altar Bread Altar Cards Altar Rail Altar Steps Altar Stone Altarpiece Altruism Altruistic Hedonism Alumbrados Amadeans Amamnesis Ambition Ambo Ambrosian Rite Ambry Ambulate In Dilectione Ambulatory Amen Amende Honorable Americanism Amice Ammonian Sections Amniocentesis Amoral Amos Amphora Ampullae Amra Amulet Anabaptists Anacephalaeosis Anagogical Sense Analecta Bollandiana Analepsis Analogy of Faith Ananias Anaphora Anarchism Anastasimatarion Anathema Maranatha Anchor Cross Anchoress Anchorite Ancient of Days Andacollo Andrew Angel Angelic Salutation Angelism Angels Angelus Bell Anger Anglican Communion Anglican Orders Anglican Religious Orders Anglo Catholicism Anima Christi Animism Anitpolo Annihilation Annihilationism Anno Domini Anno Hegirae Anno Ineunte Annual Confession Annuario Pontificio Annulment Annunciation Anointed Anointing Anointing of Infants Anointing of the Sick Anselmian Argument Ante Christum Ante Mortem Antecedent Conscience Antecedent Grace Antependium Anthem Anthropocentrism Anthropological Evolution Anthropomorphism Anthroposophy Anti Catholicism Anti Semitism Anticamera Antichrist Anticipation Anticlericalism Anticonception Antidicomarianites Antidoron Antimony Antimoralism Antinomianism Antinomies Antiochene Rite Antiochene Theology Antipasch Antiphon Antiphonary Antiphoner Antipope Antisexual Antistes Antitype Antonians Antonius Felix Anulus Et Baculus Anxiety Apathy Apocalypse Apocalyptic Number Apocreas Apocrypha Apocryphal Gospels Apocryphal Gospels Apodictic Apodosis Apokatastasis Apollinarianism Apologetics Apologia Pro Vita Sua Apolysis Apostasy in Faith Apostle Apostles' Creed Apostleship of Prayer Apostleship of the Sea Apostolate Apostolic Camera Apostolic Canons Apostolic Chancery Apostolic Chancery Apostolic Churches Apostolic College Apostolic Constitutions Apostolic Curae Apostolic Delegate Apostolic Fathers Apostolic Indulgences Apostolic Letters Apostolic Penitentiary Apostolic Preacher Apostolic Procurators Apostolic Schools Apostolic Secularity Apostolic See Apostolic Signatura Apostolic Succession Apostolic Syndic Apostolic Vicar Apostolica Sollicitudo Apostolicam Actuositatem Apostolicity Apotheosis Apparent Good Apparition Appeal Appellants Appetite Appian Way Application Appreciation Approbation Appropriation April Apse Aquila Ara Coeli Aramaic Arca Arcana Arcanum Divinae Sapientiae Arch Archabbot Archangel Archbishop Archconfraternity Archconfraternity of Prayer and Penance Archdeacon Archetype Archid Archiep Archiepiscopal Cross Archimandrite Archiprb Architrave Archives Archpriest Arcosolium Arculae Area Areopagus Argument Ad Ignorantiam Argument Ad Populum Argument Ex Silentio Arian Churches Arianism Aridity Aristotelianism Ark Armenian Rite Arminianism Arrows Ars Antiqua Ars Artium Ars Moriendi Ars Nova Article of Faith Artificial Insemination Artophorion Ascension Ascent of Mount Carmel Asceterion or Ascetery Ascetical Theology Asceticism Aseity Ash Wednesday Askesis Asperges Aspergill Aspersion Aspiration Assent Assisi Assistants at the Throne Assumption Assumption Chapel Assumptionists Asterisk Astrology Athanasian Creed Atheism Athos Atonement Attachment Attention Attitude Attribution Attrition Attritionism Auction Auctorem Fidei Auditor Augustinianism Augustinians Augustinus Aureola Aureole Aureole of the Saints Auri Sacra Fames Auricular Confession Auriesville Ausculta Fili Austerity Authentic Interpretation Authentic Interpreter Authentic Teaching Authenticity Authoritarianism Authority Auto De Fe Autocephali Autonomous Morality Autotelic Aux Auxiliary Bishop Avarice Ave Maria Ave Maris Stella Ave Regina Caelorum Averroism Aversion Avignon Popes Avoiding Sin Axinomancy Axiology Axiom Axymites Baalzebub Babylonian Captivity Bad Example Bad Faith Baianism Balaam Baldachino Balsam Balsam Balm Baltimore Catechism Bambino Banneux Bannezianism Banns Baptism of Blood Baptism of Desire Baptism of Martyrdom Baptismal Covenant Baptismal Font Baptismal Graces Baptismal Name Baptismal Register Baptismal Vows Baptismal Water Baptistery Baptists Bar-Jonah Barnabas Barnabites Baroque Barrettini Barsabbas Bartholomew Bartimaeus Baruch Basilians Basilica of Saint Peter Basin Bathsheba Beadle Beads Beata Virgo Maria Beati Possidentes Beatific Vision Beatification Beatitude Beatitudes Beatty Papyri Beatty Papyri Beauraing Beauty Becoming Beehive Beelzebub Beelzebul Before Christ Beghards Behavior Being Being in Time Bel Belial Belief Bell Book Candle Ben Sira Ben Sirach Bene Esse Bene Placito Benedicite Benedictines Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament Benedictus Benedictus Deus Benefice Benemerenti Award Benevol Benevolence Benignity Bequest Berengarianism Bergsonianism Bernardines Bestiality Bethany Bethel Bethlehem Betrothal Betting Bible Biblical Archaeology Biblical Commission Biblical Inspiration Biblical Sabbath Biblical Theology Biblical Tithe Biblicism Bibliomancy Bidding Prayer Bigamy Bigotry Bilocation Bination Biocide Bioethics Biogenesis Biorhythm Biretta Biritualism Birth Control Birthday Bishop Black Black Fast Black Magic Black Scapular Blasphemous Blasphemy Blessed Blessed Ashes Blessed Bread Blessed Palms Blessed Sacrament Blessed Trinity Scapular Blessed Virgin Mary Blessed Water Blessing of Aaron Blessing of Bells Bliss Blondelianism Blood of Saint Januarius Blue Army Blue Laws Blue Scapular Bodily Immortality Bodily Resurrection Bodily Resurrection of Christ Bodmer Codex Bodmer Codex Body of the Church Bogomiles Bollandists Bolshevism Bona Fide Book of Armagh Book of Common Prayer Book of Jubilees Book of Kells Book of Kells Book of Life Book of Tobit Books of Chronicles Born Again Borrow Boycott Brain Death Branch Theory Bread Breaking of the Host Breastplate of Saint Patrick Breeches Bible Breviary Bribery Bridal Veil Bride of Christ Bride of Christ Brief Brigittines Broad Interpretation Broad Mental Reservation Brother Brothers' Institutes Brown Scapular Bruges Bugia Bullarium Burse Buskins Byzantine Rite Cabrini Shrine Caesaropapism Caiaphas Calamus Calced Calends Calix Calixtines Calumny Calvary Calvinism Camaldolese Camauro Camerlengo Campanile Campo Santo Cana Canaan Candelabrum Candle Candlemas Candlestick Canon Canon Law Canoness Canonical Adoption Canonical Age Canonical Age Canonical Doubt Canonical Form Canonical Hours Canonical Life Canonical Penance Canonical Provision Canonical Visitation Canonicals Canonicity Canonist Canonization Canons Regular Canons Secular Canopy Cantat Canterbury Canterbury Cathedral Canticle Canticle of Canticles Canticle of the Sun Cantor Cantorial Staff Capernaum Capital Punishment Capital Sins Capital Virtues Capitulation Cappa Choralis Cappa Magna Cappa Pueri Jesu Cappel Capsula Captious Capuchins Card Cardinal Bishop Cardinal Deacon Cardinal Electors Cardinal Priest Cardinal Vicar Cardinal Virtue Cardiognosis Carecloth Carmelite Order Carnival Carol Carpenter's Square Cartago Cartesianism Carthusians Case of Conscience Case of Pope Liberius Cases of Conscience Cassock Castel Gandolfo Casti Connubii Castration Casualism Casuistry Catacombs Catafalque Catechesis Catechetical Synthesis Catechism Catechist Catechumen Catechumenate Categorical Imperative Category Cathari Catharsis Cathedra Cathedral Cathedral Schools Cathedraticum Catholic Action Catholic Church Catholic Hermeneutics Catholic School Catholicam Christi Ecclesiam Catholicism Catholicity Catholicos Causality Cause Celebacy Celebrant Celebration Celebret Celestial Hierarchy Celestines Cell Cella Celtic Church Celtic Cross Celtic Rite Cemetary Cenacle Cenobite Censer Censor Censorship of Media Centuriators Cephas Ceremonial Ceremony Certain Conscience Certitude Cessation of Law Chain Prayer Chained Bibles Chair of Peter Chaldean Christians Chaldean Rite Chalice Chalice Veil Challoner's Bible Chamberlain Chance Chancel Chancellor Change Chant Chanted Mass Chantry Chantry Schools Chaos Chapel Chapel of Atonement Chapel of Ease Chaplain Chapter House Chapter of the Bible Character Charis Charism for Miracles Charisma Charismatic Movement Charisms of Administration Charisms of Knowledge Charisms of Prayer Charisms of Service Charm Charterhouse Chartres Chastity Chasuble Cheating Cheerfulness Cherub Cherubic Contemplation Cherubim Chevet Childermas Day Childlikeness Children Children of God Children's Crusade Children's Mass Chiliasm Chime Chimes Chinese Rites Chi-Rho Chirographus Chivalry Chloe Choice Choir Religious Choleric Temperament Chorale Chorister Chrism Chrisma Chrismal or Chrismatory Chrismarium Chrismation Chrismatory Chrisom Christ Christ Candle Christ the King Christe Eleison Christendom Christening Christian Brothers Christian Burial Christian Calendar Christian Church Christian Decalogue Christian Education Christian Fortitude Christian Justice Christian Law Christian Life Communities Christian Love Christian Marriage Christian Marxism Christian Names Christian Philosophy Christian Schisms Christian Symbols Christian Temperance Christianity Christianization Christianize Christians in Israel Christmas Christmas Tree Christmastide Christocentric Christocentricity Christocentrism Christology Christotokos Christ's Headship Christus Dominus Church Church and Synagogue Church Building Church Militant Church Music Church of Silence Church Purgative Church Suffering Church Support Church Triumphant Church Unity Octave Church Warden Churching Churchman Churchyard Ciborium Cilicium Cincture Circumcellions Circumcession Circumcision Circumscription Circumsession Circumstance Cistercians Citizen City of God Civil Allegiance Civil Law Civil Marriage Civil Morality Civitas Dei Clairvoyance Clandestinity Clapper Clarity Clemency Cleopas Clercal Obligation Clerestory Clergy Cleric Clerical Celibacy Clerical Community Clerical Dress Clerical Dress Clerical Exemption Clerical Immunity Clerical Institute Clericalism Clerics of the Pontifical Chapel Clerk Clerks Regular Clinical Baptism Cloister Clopas Closed Times Clothing of Religious Clothing of the Dead Cloud of Unknowing Coadjutor Bishop Coat of Arms Cobre Cock Code of Canon Law Codex Sinaiticus Codex Vaticanus Coeducation Coenobite Coenobium Coercion Cognition Coif Colettines Coliseum Collateral Line Collation Collect Collections Collectivism College College of Cardinals Collegial Person Collegiality Cologne Columbaria Comforter Comity Command Commanded Act Commemoration Commendatory Abbot Commercial Work Commingling Commission for Migrants and Tourism Commission for Religious Relations with Hebraism Commission for Social Communications Commission for the Ecclesiastical Archives Commitment Committed Secret Committee for the Family Common Error Common Good Common Life Communal Penance Communicable Attribute Communicant Communicate Communication Communication of Properties Communio Et Progressio Communion Antiphon Communion Cloth Communion of Children Communion of Saints Communion Paten Communion Pause Communion Rail Communion Rite Commutation Commutative Justice Comparative Religion Compassion Compathy Compensationism Compline Compos Mentis Compunction Concealment Concelebrant Conception Conceptualism Conciliar Constitution Conciliarism Conciliarity Conclave Conclusion of the Mass Concomitance Concomitant Grace Concordat Concubinage Concupiscence Concupiscence of the Eyes Concupiscence of the Flesh Concursus Condign Conditional Administration Conditional Baptism Conditional Immortality Conditional Morality Conditional Vow Condonation Conduct Conference of Charity Confessio Confession Confession of Dositheus Confessional Confessions of Faith Confessions of Saint Augustine Confessor Confidentiality Confirmation Confirmation Character Confirmation Name Confirmation Rite Confiteor Conflict of Obligations Conflict of Rights and Duties Confraternity Congegation for Bishops Congegation for Catholic Education Congegation for Divine Worship Congegation for Oriental Churches Congegation for Religious and Secular Institutes Congegation for the Causes of Saints Congegation for the Clergy Congegation for the Discipline of the Sacraments Congegation for the Doctrine of the Faith Congegation for the Evangelization of Peoples Congegation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship Congegation of Rites Congegation of the Mission Congregatio de Auxiliis Congregationalists Congruent Merit Congruism Congruous Conjugal Chastity Conjugal Love Conjugal Rights Conopaeum Cons Conscience Conscientious Objector Consciousness Consecr Consecrated Altar Consecrated Ground Consecrated Life Consecration Consecration of Virgins Consecration of Virgins Consecration to Mary Consecration to the Sacred Heart Consent Consequent Conscience Conservation Consistency Consistory Consitorial Advocates Constant Constant Prayer Consubstantiation Consuetudinarian Consultor Consummated Marriage Consummatum Est Contemplation Contemplative Life Contemplative Prayer Continence Contingent Continuity Contraception Contraceptive Culture Contraceptive Intercourse Contraceptive Sterilization Contract Contradiction Contrition Control of Passion Controversial Theology Contumacious Contumacy Contumely Convent Convention Conventual Conventuals Convergence Conversion Convert Convulsionaries Cooperating Grace Cooperation in Evil Coordinator Cope Coptic Rite Coram Populo Corban Corbona Co-Redemptrix Cornelius Cornerstone Cornette Corona Corporal Works of Mercy Corpse Corpus Christi Corpus Domini Corpus Juris Canonici Correct Conscience Correction Cosmic Christ Cosmic Evolution Cosmogony Cosmology Cosmos Coterie Council for the Public Affairs of the Church Council of Elvira Council of Episcopal Conferences of Europe Council of Jerusalem Council of Trent Council of Trullo Councils of Baltimore Councils of the Church Counsel Counseling Counsels Counter Reformation Counterculture Courage Covadonga Coveneration Covetousness Cowl Craniotomy Crass Ignorance Creation Creationism Creator Credence Credentity Credibility Credo Credo Quia Absurdum Credo Ut Intelligam Credulity Creed Cremation Crescens Matrimoniorum Crescent Moon Crib Crime Crimes of Logic Criteriology Crosier Cross Cross on Staff Crown Crown of Thorns Crucifix Crucifixion Cruelty to Animals Cruet Crusader's Cross Crusades Crux Ansata Crux Decussata Crux Gemmata Crypt Csiksomlyo-Sumeleu Cubicula Cujus Regio Culpa Culpable Cult Culture Cum Admotae Cupidity Curate Cure Curiosity Curse Cursillo Movement Cursing Custodia Custodia of the Holy Land Custody of the Senses Custom Book Custos Cyrene Czestochowa Daily Communion Daily Sins Dalmatic Damascus Dame Damnation Damnification Dance of Death Daring Darius Dark Ages Dark Night of the Senses Dark Night of the Soul Dark Night of the Spirit Datary Daydreams Days of Abstinence De Auxiliis De Episcoporum Muneribus De Facto De Fide De Jure De Nihilo Nihil De Profundis De Seq Deacon Deaconess Dead Sea Dead Sea Scrolls Deadly Sins Dean Deanery Death Death Instinct Death Wish Debitum Deborah Decade Decalogue Deceit Decency Declaration of Nullity Decree Decretals Dedication Dedication of the Months Deduction Defamation Defect Defendant Defender of the Faith Defensor Vinculi Defilement Definition Degenerate Degradation Dei Gratia Dei Verbum Deicide Deism Deity Delectatio Victrix Delegation Deliberate Delilah Deluge Delusion Demerit Demiurge Democracy Demon Demonic Anger Demonic Possession Demonology Demythology Denial of Faith Denomination Denunciation Deo Favente Deo Gratias Deo Optimo Maximo Deo Volente Deontologism Deontology Depression Desacralization Desecration Desertion Desire for Beatitude Desolation Despotism Destiny Detachment Determinants of Morality Detraction Deus Ex Machina Deus Vult Deuterocanonical Deuteronomy Development of Doctrine Development of the Diaconate Devil Devil's Advocate Devotion Devotion to Saint Joseph Devotion to the Holy Family Devout Life Diabolical Obsession Diabolism Diadem Diakonia Dialectic Dialectical Materialism Dialectical Theology Dialogue Mass Diana of the Ephesians Diaspora Diatessaron Dicastery Dichotomism Dichotomy Didache Didactics Didascalia Apostolorum Dies Irae Dietary Laws Difference Diffinitive Presence Dignitatis Humanae Dignity Dilation Dilemma Dimissorial Letters Diocesan Chancery Diocesan Council Diocesan Curia Diocesan Institute Diocesan Patron Diocesan Presbyterium Diocesan Synod Diocese Diplomatic Corps Diptych Direct Line Direct Suicide Dirge Diriment Impediment Disarmament Discalced Discernment of Spirits Disciple Discipline Discrimination Discursive Prayer Disestablishment Dismas Dismissal Disparity of Worship Dispensation Dispersion Disposition Dispositive Sign Disputation Disputed Question Dissenters Dissidents Dissimulation Dissolution of Marriage Distinction Distinctive Sign Distraction Distribution of Communion Distributive Justice Ditheism Diversity of Grace Divide Et Impera Divination Divine Attributes Divine Decree Divine Election Divine Essence Divine Faith Divine Friendship Divine Generation Divine Glory Divine Ideas Divine Immanence Divine Judgment Divine Justice Divine Law Divine Mercy Divine Mission Divine Notion Divine Office Divine Office Divine Operation Divine Plan Divine Positive Law Divine Praises Divine Procession Divine Property Divine Relations Divine Right of Kings Divine Touches Divine Will Divini Redemptoris Divinity Divorce Docetism Docta Ignorantia Doctor Doctor of the Church Doctrinaire Doctrinal Demythology Doctrinal Dissent Doctrinal Interpretation Doctrinal Pluralism Doctrinal Pluralism Doctrinal Spirituality Doctrine Dogma Dogmatic Fact Dogmatic Relativism Dogmatic Theology Dogmatism Dom Domestic Oratory Domestic Prelate Domestic Prelate Domicile Dominations Dominative Power Dominicans Dominion Dominus Vobiscum Donation of Constantine Donatism Donkey Bead Doom Dormition Douay Bible Douay Rheims Bible Double Barred Cross Double Consecration Double Effect Double Standard Double Truth Doubt Doubtful Conscience Doubting Faith Dove Dowry Dowry of Mary Doxol Doxology Drachma Dream Interpretation Dreams Drunkenness Drusilla Dry Mass Dualism Due Dueling Dulia Duration Duty Dynamism Dysteleology Eagle Easter Easter Communion Easter Controversy Easter Duty Easter Fire Easter Vigil Easter Water Eastern Churches Eastern Schism Eastward Position Ebionites Ecclesia Discens Ecclesia Docens Ecclesiae Sanctae Ecclesial Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastical Censure Ecclesiastical Chapter Ecclesiastical Custom Ecclesiastical Decree Ecclesiastical Hat Ecclesiastical Heraldry Ecclesiastical Languages Ecclesiastical Law Ecclesiastical Obedience Ecclesiastical Office Ecclesiastical Penalties Ecclesiastical Privilege Ecclesiastical Superior Ecclesiastical Time Ecclesiastical Tradition Ecclesiastical Vote Ecclesiastical Year Ecclesiastical Year Ecclesiasticus Eckhartism Eclecticism Ecumenical Theology Ecumenism Eden Edict of Nantes Edification Eduction Effect Efficacious Grace Efficient Cause Ego Egoism Egyptian Cross Eighth Crusade Ejaculation Ejus Religio El Shaddai Elder Elders Election by Compromise Election of Pope Elegy Elevation of the Host Elicited Acts Elijah Elizabeth Elohim Emanation Embalming Ember Days Emblem Embolism Eminent Good Works Emmanuel Emmaus Emotion Empathy Empiricism Emus Enchridion Symbolorum Enclosure Encounter with Christ Encyclical End End of the World Endometriosis Ends Justifying Means Ends of the Mass Energumen Energy Enjoyment Enlightenment Enoch Ens Entablature Entelechy Enthronement of the Sacred Heart Entitative Habit Entity Entrusted Secret Envoy Envy Epact Eparchy Ephpheta Ephraim Epiclesis Epigonation Epikeia Epiklesis Epiphany Episcopacy Episcopal Conference Episcopal Curia Episcopal See Episcopalians Episcopalis Potestatis Episcopan Subsidies Episcopate Epistemology Epistle Epistolarium Equality Equiprobabilism Equity Equivocal Erastianism Eros Erroneous Error Eschatology Esoteric Esse Essence Essenes Essential Holiness Essential Holiness Esther Estrangement Estremadura Et Eternal City Eternal Death Eternal Law Eternal Life Eternal Punishment Eternity Ethical Duty Ethical Holiness Ethics Ethos Etiology Eubulia Eucharist to Infants Eucharistiae Sacramentum Eucharistic Acclamation Eucharistic Congress Eucharistic Devotions Eucharistic Doxology Eucharistic Elements Eucharistic Fast Eucharistic Intercession Eucharistic Intercommunion Eucharistic Invitation Eucharistic Meal Eucharistic Oblation Eucharistic Prayer Eucharistic Readings Eucharisticum Mysterium Euchites Eudaemonia Eudists Eugenic Sterilization Eugenics Eulogia Eulogy Eunomianism Euthanasia Eutychianism Evangelica Testificatio Evangelical Obedience Evangelism Evangelist Evangelist of Mary Evangelium Evangelization Evangelize Eve Evening Prayer Evensong Evesham Evidence Evil Evil Desire Evil Habits Eviternity Evolution Evolutionary Theology Evolutionism Ex Cathedra Ex Opere Operantis Ex Opere Operantis Ecclesiae Ex Opere Operato Ex Voto Examination of Conscience Examiner Exarch Excardination Excellency Excess Exclaustration Excommunication Excuse Excuse from Duty Exeat Exegesis Exemplarism Exemplary Cause Exempt Bishop Exempt Institute Exequatur Existence Existential Ethics Existentialism Exodus Exorcism Exorcist Exoteric Experience Experiment Experimental Spirituality Expiation Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Exsultet Exterior Solitude Extern External Act External Graces Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus Extraordinary Jurisdiction Extraordinary Magisterium Extraordinary Means Extraordinary Minister Extraversion Extreme Necessity Extreme Unction Extrinsic Faculties Faculty Fairness Faith Faith and Reason Faith Healer Faith Versus Fatalism Faithful Faldstool Fall Fall of Adam Fall of Jerusalem Fallacy Fallen Nature False False Conscience False Decretals False Witness Family Family Planning Family Rosary Fanaticism Fantasm Fasting Fatalism Fate Father Fathers of the Church Fathers of the Desert Fatima Invocation Fatima Secret Feast Feast of Precept Feast of Presentation Feast of the Holy Rosary Feast of the Visitation Febronianism Feeblemindedness Feeling Felicity Fellowship Feminism Feria Ferial Fertility Drug Ferula Ferule Festival Feticide Fideism Fidejussor Fidelity Fides Divina Fides Divina Definita Fides Ecclesiastica Fifteen Marks of the Church Fifth Crusade Fighting Filial Fear Filioque Filomteca Vaticana Final Cause Final Consummation Final Impenitence Final Perseverance Finality Finger Bowl Finite Fioretti Fire of Hell Fire of Purgatory First Cause First Century Man First Communion First Confession First Crusade First Fridays First Fruits First Grace First Mass First Parents First Plank First Saturdays Firstborn Fish Fish with Bread Fisherman's Ring Five Scapulars Five Ways Five Wounds Fixed Altar Fixed Feasts Flagellants Flattery Flesh Fleur-de-Lis Flood or Deluge Flowering Rod Forbidden Books Foreign Missions Forensic Justification Foreordination Forgery Forgiveness Forgotten Sins Form Form Criticism Formal Cause Formal Co-operation Formal Evil Formal Heresy Formula Formula of Hormisdas Fornication Fortitude Fortune-Telling Forty Hours Devotion Forum Founder Founder's Charism Fountain Four Horsemen Four Last Things Four Temperaments Fourth Crusade Fragrant Odors Franciscan Crown Franciscans Frankincense Fraternal Charity Fraternal Correction Fraticelli Fraud Free Catholicism Free Cause Free Churches Free Speech Free Will Freedom of Contradiction Freedom of God Freedom of Specification Freedom of Speech Freedom of Spontaneity Freedom of Thought Freedom of Worship Freethinker French Revolution Frequent Communion Frequent Confession Freudianism Friar Friars Minor Capuchin Friars Minor Conventual Friars Preachers Friary Friday Friday Abstinence Friendship Fruits of the Holy Spirit Fruits of the Mass Frustulum Fulfillment Full of Grace Function Functional Love Fund Fundamental Option Fundamental Theology Funeral Rites Future Futurible Futurology Gabbatha Gabriel Gadarenes Gaius Galilee Galileo Case Gallican Rite Gallicanism Gallio Gamaliel Gambling Garth Gate Gaudete Sunday Gaudium Et Spes Gehenna Gelasian Sacramentary Gen Genazzano Genealogy of Jesus Christ General Catechetical Directory General Confession General Examen General Judgment Generationism Genesis Geneva Bible Gennesaret Gentiles Gentlemen of His Holiness Genuflection Genus Gerasenes Gergesenes Gerizim Gershom Gesta Gethsemane Ghetto Ghost Giants Gideon Gift of Counsel Gift of Fear Gift of Fortitude Gift of God Gift of Integrity Gift of Knowledge Gift of Piety Gift of Tongues Gift of Tongues Gift of Understanding Gift of Wisdom Gifts of the Holy Spirit Gilbertines Gilead Gladness Glastonbury Glebe Gloria Gloria in Excelsis Gloria Patri Glorified Body Glorious Mysteries Glory Glossolalia Gloves Gluttony Gnosis Gnosticism God the Father God the Holy Spirit God the Son Godhead Godparents Golden Calf Golden Legend Golden Mean Golden Number Golden Rose Golden Rule Golden Sequence Golgotha Goliath Gomorrah Good Friday Good News Good Shepherd Good Thief Good Works Goodness of God Goodness of God Gorgias Gospel Harmony Gospel Harmony Gossip Gothic Architecture Gothic Vestments Government Grace at Meals Grace of Christ Grace of God Grace of Sanctification Grad Gradation of Virtues Graffiti Grasping Grat Gratia Gratis Data Gratitude Gratuitous Grace Grave Grave Inconvenience Grave Sin Gravissimum Educationis Great Promise Great Relics Great Schism Great Silence Greater Antiphons Greater Doxology Greater Good Greater Litanies Greed Greek Cross Greek Love Greek Rites Green Scapular Gregorian Calendar Gregorian Chant Gregorian Masses Gregorian Sacramentary Gregorian Water Gregorianist Gremial Grey Nuns Gridiron Grievous Matter Grille Grotesque Grottaferrata Grotto Ground of Being Guadalupe Guardian Guardian Angel Guest Master Guesthouse Guidance Guilt Gunpowder Plot Gynaeceum Habakkuk Habitual Grace Habitual Intention Hac In Urbe Roma Haceldama Hades Haggai Hagiography Hagiology Hail Holy Queen Hail Mary Hair Shirt Hallelujah Hallow Hallucination Halo Hand Handbook of Indulgences Happiness Headed Cross Healing Ministry Health and Apostolic Benediction Heart Hearts of Jesus and Mary Scapular Heathen Heaven Hebdomadarian Heber Hebrew Calendar Hebrews Hedge Schools Hedonism Hegelianism Heideggerianism Hell Hellenism Help of Christians Help of the Sick Scapular Henotheism Heortology Heptateuch Heresiarch Heresy Heresy in Protestantism Heretic Hermeneutics Hermesianism Hermit Hermitage Herod Herod Antipas Herod Philip Herodians Herodias Heroic Act Heroic Virtue Herrenmoral Hesychasm Heteronomy Hexameron Hexapla Hexateuch Hierarchy Hierarchy of Being Hieromonk Hieronymites Hierurgia High Mass Higher Religions Highest Good Hindering Impediment Hinnom Hiram His Holiness Historical Determinism Historicism Historicity History of Dogma Holocaust Holofernes Holy Alliance Holy Childhood Association Holy Chrism Holy Coat Holy Communion Holy Cross Congregation Holy Days of Obligation Holy Doors Holy Doors Holy Face Scapular Holy Father Holy Ghost Holy Grail Holy Hill Holy Hour Holy Innocents Holy Land Holy Mary Holy Nails Holy Name Holy Name Society Holy Office Holy Oils Holy Orders Holy Pillar Holy Places Holy Rood Holy Saturday Holy See Holy Sepulcher Holy Shroud Holy Souls Holy Spirit Holy Thursday Holy Trinity Holy Water Holy Week Holy Well Holy Women Holy Writ Holy Year Homicide Homiletics Homily Homoousios Homosexuality Honor Honorarium Hope Hor Horizontalism Horologion Hosanna Hosea Hospital Hospitalers Hospitality Host Hostia Hour House Blessing House of God House of Gold House of Loreto Huguenots Human Act Human Nature Human Positive Law Humanae Personae Dignitatem Humanae Vitae Humanism Humanitarianism Humanity Humeral Veil Humiliati Humility Husband Hussites Hylomorphism Hylotheism Hylozoism Hymn Hymnody Hypapante Hyperdulia Hypnotism Hypocrisy Hypostasis Hypostatic Union Hypothesis Hypothetical Morality Hyssop Hysterectomy Hysteria Hysteron Proteron Ichthus Icon Iconoclasm Iconography Iconostasis Idea Ideal Idealism Identity Identity Crisis Ideology Idiorrhythmic Idleness Idol Idolatry Iesous Hemeteros Soter Iesous Hominum Salvator Iesous Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum Ignorance Ignorance of Fact Ignorance of Law Ignorantia Juris Il Sasso Illegitimacy Illicit Illuminated Manuscripts Illuminati Illuminating Grace Illumination Illuminative Way Illuminism Illusion Image Imagination Imaginative Vision Imitation of Christ Imitation of Saints Immaculate Conception Immaculate Heart of Mary Immanence Immanent Theism Immanentist Apologetics Immaterial Immensity Immersion Immmovable Mover Immodest Looks Immolation Immoral Immoralism Immortality Immunity Immuration Immutability in Creatures Immutability of God Impanation Impeccability of Christ Impedient Impediment Impediment Impending Death Impenetrability Imperfect Contrition Imperfect Divorce Imperium Impetration Imposition of Hands Impotence Imprecatory Psalms Imprimatur Imprimi Potest Imprudence Impulse Impure Desires Impure Thoughts Impurity Imputability Imputation Imputed Justice In Articulo Mortis In Commendam In Extremis In Fieri In Flagrante Delicto In Globo In Hoc Signo In Loco Parentis In Memoriam In Partibus Infidelium In Petto In Saecula Saeculorum In Se In Synodo Episcopali Inalienable Rights Incardination Incarnation Incarnational Incense Incense Boat Incentive Incest Incommunicable Attribute Incomprehensible Incontinence Incorruptibility Increase of Merit Inculpable Incumbent Indefectibility Independence Indeterminism Index Expurgatorius Index of Forbidden Books Indiction Indifference Indifferent Act Indifferentism Indirect Suicide Indirect Temporal Jurisdiction Indirect Voluntary Indissolubility Indissoluble Marriage Individual Individualism Individuality Individuation Indolence Induction Indulgence Indulgence Jubilee Indulgentiarum Doctrina Indult Indwelling Ineffable Inefficacious Graces Inerrancy Infallibility Infallible Book Infamy Infancy Infant Baptism Infanticide Infants Inference Infidel Infinite Infinity of God Infirmus Cum Ecclesia Infused Contemplation Infused Habit Infused Knowledge Infused Science Infused Virtue Infusion Inherence Inheritance Inhibitive Fear Inhibitive Impediment Initiation of Adults Injurious Words Injustice Innate Habit Innate Ideas Innocence Inquisition Insanity Inscriptions Insight Insignia Inspiring Grace Installation Instinct Institution Institutional Revolution Instrumental Cause Instrumentalism Integrated Personality Integrity of Confession Intellect Intellectual Miracle Intellectual Virtues Intellectual Vision Intellectualism Intelligence Intention Inter Ea Inter Mirifica Inter Oecumenici Inter Pares Intercession Interdate Interdict Interior Solitude Interior Struggle Interiorization Internal Grace Internal Peace Internal Sins International Catholic Organizations Internuncio Interpretation Interpretative Intention Interregnum Interstices Intinction Intolerance Intrinsic Goodness Intrinsically Evil Introductory Right of the Mass Introit Introspection Introversion Intuition Intuitionism Invalid Invincible Ignorance Inviolability of Law Invocation Invocation of Saints Involuntary Ipso Facto Ipsum Esse Irascible Appetite Irregularity Irremovability Israel Itala Ithai Itinerarium Ittai or Ithai Jabal Jacobins Jansenisms Jasna Gora Jechoniah Jehovah Jehovah Yahweh Jeronymites Jesuits Jesus Movement Jesus People Jesus Prayer Jewish Decologue John Mark John the Apostle John the Baptist Josephinism Joyful Mysteries Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary Jubal Judicial Work Judith Julian Calendar Juridical Duty Juridical Order Juridical Positivism Juridical Rights Jurisdiction Jus Gentium Jus Jurandum Jus Primae Noctis Just War Justifying Grace Kabbala Kairos Kal Kalends Kenosis Kerygma Kerygmatic Theology Ketubim Kevelaer Keys to the Kingdom Kiddushin Kindness Kirk Kiss of Peace Kneeling Knife and Book Knights of Columbus Knights Templar Knowledge of God Koimesis Koine Koinonia Korah Kulturkampf Kyrie Eleison La Conquistadora La Disputa La Divina Commedia La Negrita La Purisima Concepcion La Salette Laban Labarum Lackawanna Lacticinia Lady Day Lady's Chapel Laetare Sunday Laic Laicism Laicization Laity Lamed Vav Lamentabili Sane Exitu Lamp Lapsi Last Adam Last Blessing Last Gospel Last Judgment Last Sacraments Last Supper Last Things Last Will Latency Period Lateran Basilica Lateran Palace Lateran Treaty Latin Latin Architecture Latin Church Latin Cross Latin Rite Latria Latrocinium Laud Lauda Sion Laudis Canticum Lauds Laus Deo Semper Lavabo Dish Law of Conscience Law of Heredity Law of Moses Law of Nations Law of Nature Law of Parsimony Lax Conscience Laxism Lay Apostolate Lay Brother Lay Confession Lay Institute Lay Intrusion Lay Investiture Lay Oblate Lay Sisters Laying on of Hands Lazarists Lazarus Laziness Le Puy League of the Sacred Heart Learning Leave of Absence Leaven Leavened Bread Lect Lectern Lectio Brevis Lectionary Lector Legal Duty Legal Impediment Legal Justice Legal Morality Legal Relationship Legate A Latere Legatus Natus Legend of the Saints Legion of Mary Legislative Chapter Legit Legitimate Marriage Legitimation Lent Leonine City Leonine Prayers Leonine Sacramentary Leper Window Lesser Doxology Lesser Sins Lessons Lethargic Temperament Levi Levitation Levites Leviticus Lex Fundamentalis Lex Orandi Lex Salica Lex Talionis Libel Libellus Liber Pontificalis Liber Usualis Liberal Arts Liberalism Liberality Liberation Theology Liberian Basilica Liberty Liberty of Contradiction Liberty of Exercise Liberty of Specification Libido Liceity Licentiate Licit Life Everlasting Ligamen Light Sins Limbo Linus Liquefaction Litany of Loreto Litany of Our Lady Litany of Saint Joseph Litany of the Dying Litany of the Holy Name Litany of the Precious Blood Litany of the Sacred Heart Litany of the Saints Literal Sense Lithostrotos Litt Little Flower Shrine Little Flowers of Saint Francis Little Hours Little Office of Our Lady Liturgiae Instaurationes Liturgical Books Liturgical Chapter Liturgical Colors Liturgical Dancing Liturgical Dramas Liturgical Kiss Liturgical Sponge Liturgical Use of Water Liturgical Veil Liturgical Year Liturgy of the Eucharist Liturgy of the Hours Liturgy of the Word Living Wage Locus Classicus Locution Logia Logical Distinction Logical Method Logos Lollardism Lollards Longanimity Longinus Lord Lord's Prayer L'Osservatore Romano Lough Derg Lourdes Love of Enemies Low Mass Low Sunday Loyalty Lucifer Luciferians Luciferites Lumen Gentium Lumen Gloriae Luminous Mysteries Luminous Rays Lunette Lust Lustral Water Lutherans Lux in Tenebris Lux Mundi Luxury LXX Lydia Lying Lyre Maastricht Maccabees Mace Macedonianism Machabees Machiavellianism Madonna Maestro Di Camera Magnanimity Magnificat Magnificence Major Basilica Major Orders Major Sacraments Major Superior Mala Fide Malabar Christians Malabar Rites Malevolence Malo Animo Maltese Cross Malum In Se Mand Mandatum Manichaeism Manifestation of Conscience Maniple Manse Mantelletta Maranatha Marcionism Marcosians Marian Art Marian Literature Marianists Mariavites Mariazell Mariolatry Mariology Marists Marital Rights Marital Separation Marks of the Church Maronite Liturgy Maronites Marrano Marriage Bond Marriage by Proxy Marriage Encounter Martial Debt Martial Infidelity Martyr Martyrdom Martyrologies Martyrs' Shrine Marxism Mary's Death Mary's Lent Mary's Sinlessness Mary's Virginity Masochism Mass for the People Mass Intention Mass Obligation Mass of the PreSanctified Mass Penny Mass Ritual Mass Salutation Mass Stipend Massa Candida Master of Ceremonies Master of the Sacred Palace Masturbation Mater Dolorosa Material Cause Material Cooperation Material Heresy Material Sin Materialism Materially Evil Matins Matrimonia Mixta Matrimonial Contract Matrimonial Court Matrimonial Jurisdiction Matrimonii Sacramentum Matrimonium Non Consummatum Matrimony Matter and Form of Baptism Matter of a Sacrament Matthias Maundy Thursday Maurists May Crowning May Laws Means of Social Communication Measure Mechanism Mechitarists or Mekhitarists Medals Mediator Mediator Dei Mediatrix Medieval Music Meditation Medium Meekness Melancholic Temperament Melancholy Melchizedek Melitian Schism Melkites Memento of the Dead Memento of the Living Memorare Memorial Memorization Memory Mendacity Mendicant Friars Menology Mensa Mental Prayer Mental Reservation Menticide Mercedarians Mercy Killing Merit Messalians Messiah Messianic Banquet Meta Ousiosis Metanoia Metaphysical Certitude Metaphysical Dualism Metaphysical Evil Metaphysical Unit Metaphysics Metapsychology Metempsychosis Method Methodical Doubt Methodology Methuselah Metropolitan Middle Ages Midrash Migne Patrologia Milanese Rite Mildness Militant Church Military Ordinariate Military Vicariate Millennium Mind Dust Mind of the Church Minims Minister Ministeria Quaedam Ministerial Priesthood Ministeriorum Disciplina Ministries Ministry of the Word Minor Basilica Minor Orders Miracle of Grace Miracle Play Miracles of Christ Miraculous Medal Miraculous Medal Mirae Caritatis Miriam Mirror Miserere Misericorde Miss Missa Est Ite Missal Missale Romanum Missiology Mission Missionary Miter Mitigated Tutiorism Mixed Contemplation Mixed Marriage Mixed Marriage Promises Modalism Modality Moderation Modern Arianism Modern World Modernism Modesty Mokameh Molinism Moment of Truth Monarchianism Monastery Monastic Chapter Monastic Congregation Monastic Schola Cantorum Monasticism Monday Monism Monistic Evolution Monition Monk Monogamy Monogenism Monograms Monophysitism Monotheism Monothelitism Monsignor Monstrance Montanism Month's Mind Montserrat Moral Act Moral Argument Moral Cause Moral Certitude Moral Determinants Moral Evil Moral Forces Moral Freedom Moral Good Moral Holiness Moral Holiness Moral Law Moral Miracle Moral Order Moral Positivism Moral Relativism Moral Subjectivism Moral System Moral Theology Moral Unit Moral Virtue Morality Morality in Media Morality of Alcoholism Morality of Music Mordecai Mores Morganatic Marriage Moriscos Morning After Pill Morning Offering Morning Prayer Morose Pleasure Mortal Sin Mortification Mortmain Mortuarium Mosaic Law Moses Motet Mother Church Mother of God Mother of Good Counsel Scapular Mother of the Church Motherhouse Mothering Sunday Motion Motivated Error Motivational Hierarchy Motive Motives of Credibility Motto Motu Proprio Mount Carmel Mount Carmel Scapular Movable Altar Movable Feasts Mozarabic Rite Mozzetta Mprop Munificence Muratorian Canon Murder Musicam Sacram Mutilation Myrrh Mysteries of the Rosary Mystery Mystery of Faith (liturgy) Mystery of the Holy Spirit Mystery Play Mystery Theology Mystical Body Mystical Interpretation Mystical Rose Mystical Theology Mystical Union Mystici Corporis Christi Mysticism Myth Nagasaki Name of Mary Names of Christ Narcissism Narrow Interpretation National Conferences of Bishops National Shrine of theLittle Flower National Synod Nativity Natural Contemplation Natural Determinism Natural End Natural Family Planning Natural Family Planning (practice) Natural International Law Natural Knowledge of God Natural Law Natural Order Natural Precepts Natural Religion Natural Right Natural Secret Natural Selection Natural Sins Natural Temperance Natural Theology Natural Virtue Naturalism Nature Nature and Grace Naturism Nave Nazarene Nazarenes 'Ne Temere' Decree Nebi'im Nebuchadnezzar Necessary Necessary Cause Necessary Faith Necessary Revelation Necrologies Necromancy Necrophilia Negative Atribute Negative Imperfection Negative Theology Neglect of Prayer Negligence Neo Modernism Neo Orthodoxy Neology Neophyte Neo-Platonism Neo-Scholasticism Nepotism Nero Nescience Nestorian Church Nestorianism Net with Fish Neutralism New American Bible New Christianity New Community New Covenant New Earth New Fire New Heaven New Jerusalem New Jerusalem Bible New Law New Testament New Testament Names and Titles Christ New World Nicene Creed Niche Nicolaitans Night of the Senses Night of the Spirit Night Prayer Night Watch Nihil Ex Nihilo Nihil Obstat Nihil Sine Deo Nihilism Nine Choirs Nine Fridays Nine Offices Nobility Noble Guards Nominalism Non Catholic Non Christian Non Dualistic Illusionism Non Expedit Non Placet Nonbaptized Nonbeliever Noninfallible Nonjurors Norm of Morality Norm of Truth Norman Architecture Norms of Orthodoxy Nossa Senhora Aparecida Nostr Nostra Aetate Not Notaries Note Notes of the Church Nothing Notion Notitiae Notre Dame Noumenon Novatianism Novena Novice Noviceship Novitiate Ntri Nullity Numbers Numinous Nunc Dimittis Nunc Pro Tunc Nuncio Nuptial Blessing Nuptial Mass O Antiphons O Salutaris Hostia Oath Oath Against Modernism Obedience Obediential Potency Obedientiaries Obedientiary Oberammergau Obex Object Objective Objective End Objective Guilt Objective Holiness Objective Holiness Objective Morality Objectivity Oblates Oblations Obligation Obligatory Sign Obreption Obscenity Obscurantism Observance Observantines Obstinacy Occamism Occam's Razor Occasion Occasion of Sin Occasionalism Occult Occultism Occupancy Octaves Odium Theologicum Odor of Sanctity Offering Communion Offertory Office of Readings Official Secret Oil of Catechumens Oil of Saints Oil of the Sick Oil Stock Old Age Old Catholics Old Law Old Testament Olea Sancta Oleum Catechumenorum Oleum Infirmorum Olive Branch Olivetans Omega Omen Omission Omnipotence Omnipresence Omniscience Omophorion Onanism Ontogenesis Ontologism Ontology Open Placement Operating Grace Operative Habit Opinion Opportunity Oppression of the Poor Optatam Totius Optima Interpres Legum Optimism Optional Celibacy Optional Memorial Opus Dei Orate Fratres Oratio Imperata Oration Oratorians Oratorio Oratory Order Order of Charity Order of Cluny Orders of Knighthood Ordinal Ordinary Care Ordinary Jurisdiction Ordinary Magisterium Ordinary Means Ordinary Power Ordination Ordination of Women Ordinem Baptismi Ordinis Baptismi Adultorum Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonium Ordo Synodi Oremus Organ Organic Articles Organic Unit Orientalium Ecclesiarum Orientation Origenism Origin Original Impassibility Original Justice Original Sin Oropa Orphrey Orthodoxy Orthogenesis Orthology Orthophony Orthopraxis Osculatorium Osee Ossuary Ostensorium Ostiarius Our Father Our Lady Our Lady of Africa Our Lady of Bonaria Our Lady of China Our Lady of Consolation Our Lady of Copacabana Our Lady of Divine Love Our Lady of Einsiedeln Our Lady of Iviron Our Lady of Knock Our Lady of Las Lajas Our Lady of Lujan Our Lady of Madhu Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Prompt Succor Our Lady of Quinche Our Lady of Ransom Scapular Our Lady of Siluva Our Lady of the Catacombs Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima Our Lady of Vladimir Our Lady of Walsingham Our Lady of Zapopan Our Lady of Zoce Our Lady ofLa Leche Our Lady Protectress of Rome Our Lord Overpopulation Ownership Oxford Movement Oxon Pacifism Pact Padroado Padua Paenitemini Pagan Pain of Loss Pain of Sense Palestine Pall Pallium Pallottines Palm Palm Sunday Panaya Kapulu Panegyric Panentheism Pange Lingua Panpsychism Pan-Satanism Pansexualism Pantheism Pantheon Pantokrator Papabile Papacy Papal Audiences Papal Bull Papal Choir Papal Constitution Papal Coronation Papal Cross Papal Decoration Papal Election Papal Flag Papal Instruction Papal Legate Papal Letter Papal Regesta Papal Secretary of State Papal States Papist Parable Parachurch Paraclete Paradigm Paradise Paradox Paraenesis Paraguay Reductions Paralipomenon Paraliturgical Parallelism Parareligious Parasceve Paray Le Monial Pardon Pardoners Parental Instruction Parental Obedience Parish Council Parishioner Parochial Mass Parochial Pastor Parochial Registers Parousia Parson Parsonage Parthenos Partial Indulgence Particle Particular Examen Particular Judgment Particular Judgment Partner in Sin Parvitas Materiae Pascendi Pasch Pasch Paschal Bell Paschal Candle Paschal Lamb Paschal Meal Paschal Mystery Paschal Time Passion Passion Passion Narrative Passion Plays Passion Scapular Passion Symbols Passionate Anger Passionists Passions Passiontide Passive Recollection Passive Unitive Way Passos Passover Pastor Pastor Aeternus Pastor Rector Pastoral Letters Pastoral Staff Pastoral Theology Pastorale Munus Patarines Paten Pater Noster Patience Patriarch Patriarchal Basilica Patriarchal Cross Patriarchal Theory Patriarchate Patrimony of Saint Peter Patrimony of the Poor Patrini Patripassianism Patristic Philosophy Patristic Theology Patristics Patrology Patron Saint Patronage of Saint Joseph Paulicians Pauline Privilege Paulists Paulites Pauperism Pax Romana Peace of God Peace of the Church Peace Plate or Tablet Peacock Peccatophobia Pectoral Cross Peculium Pederneira Pelagianism Pelican Penal Sterilization Penalties Penance Penetrability Penitence Penitent Penitential Act Penitential Chain Penitential Psalms Penitential Rite PenitentialPenalty Penitents Pension Pentateuch Pentecost Pentecostalism People of God Per Se Perdurance Peregrini Perfect Perfect Contrition Perfect Happiness Perfect Society Perfectae Caritatis Perfection Perichoresis Pericope Periodic Continence Perjury Permanent Diaconate Permission Permissiveness Permissivism Perpetual Adoration Perpetual Vows Perplexed Conscience Persecution Perseverance Personality Personhood Pertinacity Perversion Peshitta Pessimism Peter's Pence Petitions to the Holy See Pew Pew Rents Phanar Pharisaic Conscience Pharisaical Scandal Pharisees Phenomenon Philosopher of Protestantism Philosophical Theology Philosophical Truth Philosophy of Life Philosophy of Man Philosophy of Religion Phoenix Photianism Physical Certitude Physical Evil Physical Freedom Physical Miracle Physical Solitude Physiologus Piarists Pieta Pietism Piety Pilaster Pilgrim Church Pilgrimage Pious Association Pious Belief Pious Union Piscina Pity Placet Placet Juxta Modum Plague Medal Plain Chant Plain Song Planned Parenthood Platonism Pleasure Plenary Council Plenary Indulgence Pleroma Plough Monday Pluriformity Podium Poenit Pointe Aux Trembles Polarization Politicization Polyandry Polygamy Polygenism Polyglot Bible Polygyny Polytheism Pontifex Msximus Pontiff Pontifical Chapel Pontifical Commission for Russia Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology Pontifical Commission for Sacred Art Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences Pontifical Institute Pontifical Mass Pontifical Masters of Ceremonies Pontificalia Insignia Pontificalis Romani Pontificals Pontificate Pontius Pilate Pontmain Poor Box Poor Clares Poor Men of Lyons Poor Souls Pope Peter Popess Joan Popular Consent Population Explosion Porcius Festus Pornography Port Royal Portable Altar Porter Porziuncula Positive Imperfection Positive International Law Positive Law Positive Theology Positivism Possessive Instinct Post Litteras Apostolicas PostCommunion Postconciliar Postulant Postulate Postulation Potency Poverty of Dispossession Povery of Sharing Power of Jurisdiction Power of the Keys Powers of Evil Powers of the Soul Practical Doubt Praef Pragmatism Praise Praises of God Prayer Prayer Book Prayer During the Day Prayer of Christ Prayer of Quiet Prayer of Recollection Prayer of Simplicity Prayer of the Faithful Prayer of the Heart Prayer of Union Prayers Over the People Preacher Apostolic Preaching Preambles of Faith Prebend Precana Precedence Precentor Precept Precepts of Charity Precepts of the Church Precious Blood Precious Blood Scapular Preconciliar Preconization Precular Precursor Predefinition Predella Predestinarianism Predestination Predetermination Preface Prefect Apostolic Prefecture of the Pontifical Household Prejudice Prelate Prelature Nullius Premonstratensians Preparation of the Gifts Preparing for Communion Presbyter Presbyterate Presbyteri Sacra Presbyterians Presbyterorum Ordinis Presbytery Prescience Prescribed Prayer Prescription Presence Presence of God Present Presentation Preservation of Life Prestige Motive Presumption Preternatural Preternatural Gifts Preventing Grace Pride of Life Prie-Dieu Priest Priesthood Priesthood of Christ Priesthood of the Faithful Priests' Council Priests' Senate Primacy Primate Prime Matter Prime Mover Primer Primitive Religion Primogenitus Prince of the Church Principalities Principle Principle and Foundation Principle of Contradiction Principle of Evil Prinknash Prior Prioress Priory Prisca Priscilla Priscillianism Prisoners of Conscience Private Baptism Private Confession Private Mass Private Oratory Private Revelations Private Revelations Privation Privilege Privileged Altar Pro Armenis Pro Comperto Sane Pro Forma Pro Life Movement Pro Vicar Apostolic Probabiliorism Probabilism Probability Problem ProCathedral Process Theology Procession Processional Processional Cross Processions Proclamation Procreation Procreative Love Procurator Profanation Profane Professed Profession of Faith Professionis Ritus Prohibitive Impediment Prolonged Abstinence Promise Promised Land Promised Secret Promoter of the Faith Promulgation Propaganda Propagation of the Faith Proper Cause Proper of the Saint Proper of the Season Property Prophecies of Saint Malachy Prophecy Prophet Propitiation Proportionality Proposition Proprio Motu Proselyte Proselytize Prosphora Prostration Protestant Ethic Protestantism Protocanonical Protocol Protoevangelium ProtoMartyr Protonotary Apostolic Protopope Prototype Providence Provincial Provincial Council Provisionalism Provocation Provost Proxima Fidei Proximate Occasions Prudence Prudential Certitude Psalm Tones Psalmody Psalter of Mary Psaltery Psychoanalysis Psychological Freedom Psychologism Psychology Psychophysical Parallelism Psychosis Psychotherapy Public Decency Public Good Public Oratory Public Penance Public Penitents Public Propriety Public Revelation Publican Pulpit Punishment PunitivePenalty Pure Act Pure Nature Purgative Way Purgatory Purification Purificator Purity Purity of Body Purity of Intention Purple Purpose of Amendment Pursuivants Pusillanimity Putative Marriage Pyx Qoheleth or Koheleth Quadrag Quadragesima Quadragesimo Anno Quadrivium Quality Quam Singulari Quanta Cura Quantity Quarantine Quasi Domicile Quasi Parish Queen of Virtues Quesnellianism Quest Quicumque Quid Pro Quo Quiddity Quietism Quietude Quinquag Quinquagesima Quirinal Palace Qumran Documents or Scrolls Quo Vadis Rabat Rabbi Raccolta Rahab Rape Rapture Ras Shamra Rash Judgment Ratified Marriage Ratio Rational Freedom Rationalism Rationalization Raven Reader Real Doubt Real Presence Real Vow Realism Reality Reason Reasonableness of Faith Rebaptism Rebekah Recessional Recidivism Recollection Reconciliation Reconciliationem Recto Tono Rector Rectory Recusants Red Hat Red Mass Red Scapular Redaction Redemption Redemptorists Reduction Refectory Reflection Reform Reformation Reformation Dogma Reformation Theology Regeneration Regimini Ecclesiae Universae Regina Coeli Regulae Juris Regulars Reification Reincarnation Relationship Relative Mystery Relatively Supernatural Relativism Relator Relic Religionist Religionum Laicalium Religious Apostasy Religious Congregation Religious Constitution Religious Fugitive Religious Habit Religious House Religious Indifference Religious Institute Religious Institute Religious Order Religious Province Religious Rule Religious Sect Religious State Religious Superior Religious Veil Reliquary Remarriage Remedial Penalty Remission of Sin Remorse Remote Occasions Remythology Renewal Renewal of Consent Renouncing Satan Renovationis Causam Renunciation Reordination Repairing Scandal Reparation Repentance Repository Reprehension Reprobation Reputation Requiem Requiescat In Pace Reredos Rerum Novarum Rescripts Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament Reserved Cases Residential See Resignation Resisting Aggression Resolution Resolution of Amendment Respect Response Responsibility Responsorial Psalm Responsory Ressentiment Restitution Restoration Restored Nature Retaliation Retired Cardinals Retreat Retribution Retributism Retrogression Reuben Revalidation Revealed Law Revealing Secrets Revelation Revenge Reverence Reversion Revivification Revolution Reward Rhythm Right Right Intention Right of Exclusion Right of Sanctuary Right to Life Movement Righteous Anger Righteousness Rigidity Rigorism Ring of the Fisherman Risus Paschalis Rit Rite of Exorcism Rite of Peace Rite of Saint James Rite of Saint John Chrysostom Ritibus Exsequiarum Rivers of Paradise Robber Council of Ephesus Rocamadour Rochet Rogation Days Roman Canon Roman Catacombs Roman Catholic Roman Catholicism Roman Collar Roman Curia Roman Gradual Roman Martyrology Roman Persecutions Roman Primacy Roman Question Roman Rite Roman Ritual Unionism Roman Rota Roman See Roman Vestments Romanesque Romanian Rite Romanism Romanization Rome Rood Rosac Rosary Rose Water Rose Winter Rosicrucians Rosminianism Rota Studium Royal Coronation Royal Veto Rubrics Rule of Benedict Rule of Faith Rule of Saint Augustine Rule of Saint Basil Rule of Saint Pachomius Rules of Conscience Rumor Rural Dean Ruthenian Rite Sabaoth Sabbatical Year Sabbatine Privilege Sabellianism Sackcloth Sacral Sacram Liturgiam Sacram Unctionem Infirmorum Sacrament Sacrament House Sacrament of Confession Sacrament of God Sacrament of Healing Sacrament of Orders Sacrament of Penance Sacrament of Reconciliation Sacrament of Salvation Sacrament of the Altar Sacrament of the Apostolate Sacramental Sacramental Character Sacramental Confession Sacramental Dispositions Sacramental Grace Sacramental Matter Sacramental Matter and Form Sacramental Presence Sacramental Seal Sacramental Sign Sacramental Simulation Sacramentali Communione Sacramentary Sacraments of the Dead Sacraments of the Living Sacrarium Sacred Sacred College Sacred Congregations Sacred Consistory Sacred Heart Badge Sacred Heart Devotion Sacred Heart of Jesus Scapular Sacred History Sacred Penitentiary Sacred Vessels Sacrifice of the Mass Sacrifice of the New Law Sacrilege Sacristan Sacristy Sacrosanctum Concilium Sacrum Chrisma Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem Sadducees Sadness Saec Saint Andrew's Cross Saint Anne de Beaupre Saint Benedict Scapular Saint Benedict's Medal Saint Blaise Blessing Saint Christopher Medal Saint Dominic Scapular Saint John Lateran Saint Joseph Saint Joseph Scapular Saint Joseph's Oratory Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls Saint Mary of the Crib Saint Michael Scapular Saint Paul's Outside the Walls Saint Peter's Cross Saint Valentine's Day Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre Saintliness Saints Salesians Salic Law Salmant Salome Salt Saltire Salus Populi Romani Salutary Act Salvation Salve Regina Salvific Will Sampietrini Sanating Grace Sanation Sance Bell Sanctification Sanctifying Grace Sanction Sanctity Sanctoral Cycle Sanctuary Lamp Sanctuary of Sorrowful Mother Sanctum Sanctorum Sanctus Pontifex Sandals Sanguine Temperament Santa Cruz Santa Maria Ad Nives Santa Maria Ad Praesepe Santa Maria Maggiore Santiago de Compostela Sarabaites Sarabites Saragossa Sarum Rite Satan Satanael Satanism Satisfaction Saturday Savior Scala Sancta Scales Scandal of the Weak Scandalous Scapular Medal Schism Schism of Utrecht Schismatic Scholasticism School Science of Faith Science of the Saints Sciosophy Scotism Scribes Scriptorium Scriptures Scroll Scruple Scrupulosity Scrupulous Conscience Scrutiny Seal of Confession Seal of Confirmation Sealing Seat of Wisdom Second Adam Second Coming of Christ Second Crusade Second Order Second Plank Second Vatican Council Secondary Cause Secret Prayer Secret Society Secretariat for Christian Unity Secretariat for Non-Believers Secretariat of Central America and Panama Secretary of State Secular Arm Secular Clergy Secular Institute Secularism Secularity Secularization Secundum Quid Sede Vacante Sedia Gestatoria Sedilia Seditious Seduction See of Peter Segnatura Apostolica Seleucianism Self Criticism Self Deception Self Denial Self Determination Self Fulfillment Self Love Semi Arianism Semi Pelagianism Semi Public Oratory Semid Seminal Principle Seminary Semites Sempiternity Sensation Sense of Sin Sensism Sensualism Sentiment Separated Brethren Separatism Septuagesima Septuagint Sepulcher Seraphic Blessing Seraphic Contemplation Seraphim Sermon on the Mount Serra International Service Servile Fear Servile Work Servites Servus Servorum Dei Seven Churches of Asia Seven Churches of Rome Seven Councils Seven Deacons Seven Dolors Seven Dolors Seven Dolors Scapular Seven Gifts Seven Heavens Seven Sacraments Seven Words of Christ Seventh Crusade Sex Education Sexag Sexagesima Sext Sexton Sexual Pleasure Shaddai Shalom Shamrock Sharing in Guilt Sheep Shekinah Shell Shema Shemites Sheol Shepherd of Hermas Shrine Shrine of Saint Anthony Shroud Shrovetide Sibyl Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Sick Call Sidon Sigillum Sign of the Cross Sign of the Times Silas Silence Siloam Similitude Simony Simple Ignorance Simple Intelligence Simple Unitive Way Simple Validation Simple Vow Simpliciter Simplicity Simplicity of God Sin Against Faith Sin Against Religion Sin of Omission Sindonology Sine Com Sinful Joy Singular Vessel of Devotion Sinlessness Sinlessness of Christ Sinlessness of Mary Sins Against the Holy Spirit Sins Crying to Heaven Sins of Frailty Sirach Sisters Sistine Chapel Sitting Sixth Crusade Skepticism Skull Skullcap Slain in the Spirit Slander Slavery Slavonic Language Sloth Smyrna Sobornost Sobriety Social Justice Social Sin Socianianism Society for the Propagation of the Faith Society of Jesus Society of Precious Blood Society of Saint Vincent De Paul Socratic Method Sodality Sodom Sodomy Sola Fide Sola Scriptura Solemn Baptism Solemn Blessing Solemn Mass Solemn Profession Solemn Vows Solemnity Solicitation Solicitude Solipsism Solitary Solitude Sollicitudo Omnium Ecclesiarium Solo Spiritu Solovyevism Son of God Son of Man Song of Songs Sons of God Sophrosyne Sorrow for Sin Sorrowful Mysteries Sosthenes Soteriology Soul of Christ Soul of the Church Source of Sin Soutane Sovereign Pontiff Speaking in Tongues Spear Speciali Modo Specialissimo Modo Species Speculation Speculative Doubt Sphragis Spinozism Spirit Spiritism Spiritual Spiritual Communion Spiritual Communion Spiritual Death Spiritual Direction Spiritual Direction Spiritual Espousals Spiritual Exercises Spiritual Father Spiritual Indifference Spiritual Life Spiritual Marriage Spiritual Reading Spiritual Rebirth Spiritual Relationship Spiritual Solitude Spiritual Vessel Spiritual Works of Mercy Spiritualism Spirituality Spirituals Spiritus Domini Sponsor Spouse of Christ Sprinkling Squint Stabat Mater Standing State of Being State of Grace State of Nature States of Perfection Station Days Stations of the Cross Statism Statue Stephen Sterility Sterility Tests Sterilization Stewardship Stigmata Stipend Stockings Stole Storrington Strict Interpretation Strict Mental Reservation Strict Mystery Striking the Breast Stripping the Altar Stylites Suarezianism Sub Sigillo Subapostolic Age Subconscious Subdelegation Subdiaconate Subject Subjective End Subjective Holiness Subjective Holiness Subjective Morality Subjectivism Sublime Subordination Subprior Subreption Subsidiarity Subsistence Substance Substantial Error Substantial Holiness Substantial Presence Subtility Succentor Suffering Sufficient Grace Sufficient Reason Sufficient Sorrow Suffragan Suffrages Sui Generis Sui Juris Suicide Sulpicians Summa Contra Gentiles Summa Theologica Summae Summum Bonum Sunday Observance Sunday Rest Sung Mass Superchurch Superior Supernatural Adoption Supernatural Contemplation Supernatural Couurage Supernatural End Supernatural Merit Supernatural Order Supernatural Revelation Supernatural Theology Supernatural Words Superstition Supplied Jurisdiction Support of Religion Supposit Supralapsarians Supreme Dominion Supreme End Supreme Evil Surplice Surrogate Sursum Corda Suscipe Suspension Suspicion Swastica Sweet Quietude Swiss Guards Syllabus of Pius Saint Syllogism Symbol Symbolism Sympathy Synagogue Synaxis Syncretism Synderesis or Synteresis Syndicalism Synod of Bishops Synoptic Problem Synoptics Synteresis Synthesis Syriac Syrian Rite Systematic Theology Systems of Probability Tabernacle Tabgha Tables of the Law Tabor Tabula Rasa Talebearing Tametsi Decree Tant Tantum Ergo Tantum Quantum Targum Taste Tau Cross Te Deum Laudamus Teaching of the twelve Apostles Teetotalism Teilhardism Teleology Telepathy Temerarious Temperament Temperance Temple Temporal Cycle Temporal Power Temporal Punishment Temporary Vow Temptation Tempting God Ten Commandments Ten Tribes Tendency Tender Conscience Tenebrae Terce Terminus A Quo Terminus Ad Quem Terna Territorial Law Tertian Tertiaries Tertium Quid Test Testament Testem Benevolentiae Testimonials Testimony Thaddaeus Thaumaturgus The Black Madonna The Blessed Virgin Mary The Holy Lance The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Theandric Theatines Theban Legion Theft Theism Theocentricity Theocracy Theodicy Theologian of the Pontifical Household Theological Censure Theological Censure Theological Commission Theological Conclusions Theological Determinism Theological Notes Theological Pluralism Theological Truth Theological Virtue Theologice Certa Theology Theology of Justification Theomachy Theophany Theophilus Theory of Knowledge Theosis Theotokos Therapeutic Sterilization Thesis Third Crusade Third Orders Thomism Three Chapters Three Witnesses Throne Thrones Thurible Thurifer Thursday Tiara Timidity Title Titular Bishop Titular Church Titular Name Titular Sees To the Greater Glory of God Toleration Tomb of Mary Tome of Leo Tongres Tonsure Torah Tosefta Total Abstinence Total Good Total War Totalitarianism Toties Quoties Touch Toulouse Tower of Babel Tower of Babel Tower of David Tower of Ivory Tract Tractarian Movement Traditio Symboli Traditionalism Traducianism Transcendence Transcendentals Transept Transfiguration of Our Lord Transfinalization Transformation Transignification Transitional Diaconate Translation Transmigration Transmutation Transplantation of Organs Transubstantiation Transverse Cross Trappistines Trappists Tre Ore Treasure Boxes Treasury of Merits Tree of Knowledge Tree of Life Tres Abhinc Annos Trespass Tribunal Trichotomy Triclinium Tridentine Mass Tridentine Theology Triduum Trinitarians Trinity Sunday Triple Autonomy Triple Candle Triple Crown Triptych Trisagion Tritheism Triumphalism Triumphant Church Trivium Trope Tropology Truce of God True Conscience True Cross True Good Trust Trustee System Truth Tuesday Tunic Tutiorism Twelfth Night Twelve Fruits Twelve Promises Twilight Sleep Two Swords Twofold Effect Tyburn Tychism Ubiquitarianism Ubiquity Ultimate Ultimate End Ultramontane Unam Sanctam Unbaptized Infants Unbaptized Infants Unclean Uncoinscious Motivation Unconscious Uncreated Grace Unction Underground Church Understanding Uniat Churches Unicity of God Uniformity Unigenitus Unimpaired Nature Unitatis Redintegratio Unitive Way Unity Universal Bishop Universal Doubt Universe University of the Faithful Unjust Aggressor Unjust Damage Unleavened Bread Unmoral Unmoved Mover Unnatural Unnatural Sins Unpardonable Sin Upper Room Urbanists Urbi Et Orbi Urim and Thummim Ursulines Usury Utopia Utraquism Vacancy Vagi Vain Observance Valentinianism Valid Form Valid Matter Validation Validity Value Vanity Vasectomy Vatican Vatican Archives Vatican Basilica Vatican Chant Vatican City Vatican Extraterritorial Possessions Vatican Library Vatican Obelisk Vatican Office of Statistics Vatican Palace Vatican Polyglot Press Vatican Prefecture of Economic Affairs Vatican Publishing House Vatican Secret Archives Veil of Prelature Veiling of Images Venerable Veneration of Images Veneration of Saints Venereal Pleasure Vengeance Veni Creator Spiritus Veni Sancte Spiritus Venial Sin Venite Seorsum Verbum Supenum Prodiens Vernacular in Liturgy Veronica's Veil Versicle Vespers Vessel of Honor Vestibule Vestments Vestry Vexilla Regis Via Dolorosa Via Media Viaticum Vicar Apostolic Vicar Capitular Vicar for Religious Vicar Forane Vicar General Vicar of Christ Vicar of Christ Vicariate of Rome Vice Vicegerent Victim Victim Soul Victimae Paschali Victorines Vidi Aquam Vigil Light Vincentian Canon Vincentians Vincible Ignorance Vindication Vine and the Branches Violation Violence Virgin Virgin Birth Virginity of Mary Virtual Intention Virtue Virtue of Faith Virtue of Hope Virtue of Virginity Virtues Visibility Vision Vision of God Visitandines Vitalism Vitandus Viterbo Vocal Prayer Vocation Volto Santo Voluntariety Voluntarism Voluntary Doubt Votive Candles Votive Mass Votive Offering Votive Office Vow of Chastity Vow of Chastity Vow of Hospitality Vow of Obedience Vow of Poverty Vow ofStability Vulgate Wagering Wake Waldenses War of Aggression Washing of the Feet Washing of the Hands Wedding Wednesday Western Church Western Schism Wexford Wheat and Grapes White Canons White Fathers White Friars White Ladies White Monks White Russian Byzantines White Scapular White Sisters Whole Christ Whore of Babylon Widow Wife Will of God Will to Believe Wimple Winding Sheet Wine Winepress Winged Lion Winged Man Winged Ox Witness Wolf Women's Liberation Wonder Working Word and Deed Word of God Words of Absolution Words of Institution World Mind World Soul World Without End Worldliness Worship Written Word Wrong Wyclifism Yahweh Yellow Yoke Yule Zeal Zealot Zeitgeist Zephaniah Zion Zucchetto