Harmony of the Gospels

Harmony of the Gospels

A historical study of the four gospels of The Holy Bible's New Testament.
The verses of the gospels are presented side by side in chronological order.
Bible passages in brackets are not presented chronologically
but for a comparitive study of similiar passages.
Prayerfully receive the good news of God's word into your heart
as you read these Holy Scriptures.
Harmony of the Gospels

Harmony of the Gospels

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Harmony of the Gospels


1. Introduction to John's Gospel

2. Introduction to Luke's Gospel

3. Genealogies of Jesus Christ


4. Foretelling of birth of John the Baptist

5. Annunciation to Mary by angel

6. Annunciation to Joseph by angel

7. Mary's Visit to Elizabeth

Births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ

8. Birth of John the Baptist

9. Birth of Jesus Christ

10. Angels and shepherds

Infancy of Jesus Christ

11. Circumcision of Jesus Christ

12. Temple presentation

13. Wise men from East

14. Egyptian flight with return to Nazareth

Jesus' life in Nazareth

15. Nazareth Childhood

16. Jerusalem Visit at age twelve

17. Eighteen years in Nazareth

Harmony of the Gospels

Beginnings of gospel

18. Ministry of John the Baptist

19. Baptism of Jesus Christ

20. Wilderness Temptation

Beginnings of faith

21. John the Baptist testifies before priests and Levites

22. Lamb of God announced

23. First three disciples of Christ

24. Philip and Nathanael

25. Water made wine, first miracle

26. Capernaum Sojourn

Harmony of the Gospels

Beginnings of Christ's work in Jerusalem

27. First temple cleansing

28. Conversation with Nicodemus

Period of preaching and baptizing in Judea

29. Baptizing in Judea

30. John the Baptist testifies of Christ at Aenon

Two days of ministry in Samaria

31. Departure from Judea

32. Conversation with Samarian woman

33. Gospel to Sychar

Harmony of the Gospels

Beginnings of Christ's public work in Galilee

34. Beginning of Christ's Galilean ministry

35. Nobleman's Son

36. First rejection at Nazareth

37. Departure to Capernaum

Call of four disciples and first preaching tour

38. Four disciples called

39. Day of miracles at Capernaum

40. First preaching tour in Galilee

Growing hostility of the scribes and Pharisees

41. Paralytic carried by four men

42. Matthew called as disciple

43. Fasting issue discussed

44. Man with infirmity at Bethesda pool

45. Disciples pluck grain

46. Man with withered hand

Harmony of the Gospels

Organization of the kingdom

47. Widespread fame of Christ

48. Choosing of twelve disciples

49. Sermon on the mount

Second preaching tour

50. Centurion's servant

51. Widow's son raised at Nain

52. Last message of John the Baptist

53. Jesus anointed at house of Simon the Pharisee

54. Companions of Christ on His second preaching tour

Day of teaching by the sea of Galilee

55. Warning of the eternal sin

56. Christ's true family

Day of miracles by the sea of Galilee

57. Parable by the sea

58. Tempest stilled

59. Gaderene demoniacs

60. Jairus' daughter raised

61. Two blind men and mute demoniac

Third preaching tour

62. Second rejection at Nazareth

63. Third preaching tour continued

64. Mission of Twelve

65. Death of John the Baptist

Crisis at Capernaum

66. Miracle of five thousand fed

67. Jesus walks on water

68. Bread of life

69. Eating with unwashed hands

Harmony of the Gospels

First northern journey for retirement

70. Trip to Tyre and Sidon / Syrophoenician woman's daughter

71. Return through Decoplis with many healing miracles

Brief return to the sea of Galilee

72. Miracle of four thousand fed

73. Demanding a heavenly sign

74. Blind man near Bethsaida

Second northern journey for retirement

75. Peter's confession

76. Christ foretells His death and resurrection

77. Transfiguration

78. Demoniac boy

79. Christ foretells His death and resurrection again

At Capernaum again

80. Shekel in fish's mouth

81. Humility and forgiveness

Autumn visit to Jerusalem

82. Christ at feast of tabernacles

83. Adulterous woman

84. Light of the world

85. Spiritual freedom

Harmony of the Gospels

From departure from Galilee until after feast of dedication

86. Christ's final departure from Galilee

87. Mission of seventy

88. Good Samaritan

89. Martha and Mary visited

90. Man born blind healed

91. Good Shepherd

92. Christ at feast of dedication

From feast of dedication until after withdrawal to Ephraim

93. Discourse about prayer

94. Speech against Pharisees

95. About trusting God and coming judgment

96. Galileans slain by Pilate

97. Woman healed on Sabbath

98. Question whether few are saved

99. Christ's reply to warning concerning Herod

100. Discourse at chief Pharisee's table

101. Counting the cost

102. Three parables concerning grace

103. Parable of warning with case scenerio

104. Regarding forgiveness and faith

105. Lazarus raised from the dead

106. Withdrawal to Ephraim

From withdrawal to Ephraim until final arrival to Jerusalem

107. Ten lepers cleansed

108. Kingdom coming

109. Prayers of Pharisee and publican

110. Concerning divorce

111. Christ blessing little children

112. Rich young ruler

113. Christ foretells His crucifixion

114. Ambition of James and John

115. Blind men near Jericho

116. Visit with Zacchaeus

117. Parable of pounds

118. Anointing of Jesus by Mary of Bethany

Harmony of the Gospels

Sunday - day of triumph

119. Triumphal entry

Monday - day of authority

120. Fig tree cursed

121. Second temple cleansing

Tuesday - day of conflict

122. Fig tree withered

123. Challenge against authority of Christ

124. Three parables of warning

125. Three questions by Jewish rulers

126. Unanswerable question

127. Woes against scribes and Pharisees

128. Widow's two mites

129. Jesus sought by gentiles

130. Jews reject Christ

131. Foretelling of destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world

132. Conspiracy between chief priests and Judas Iscariot

Wednesday - nothing recorded

Thursday - last day with disciples

133. Last supper

134. Christ's farewell speech

135. Intercessory Prayer

Friday - day of suffering

136. Agony in Gethsemane

137. Betrayal and arrest

138. Trial before Jewish authorities

139. Trial before Pilate

140. Crucifixion of Christ

141. Burial of Christ

Saturday - day in tomb

142. Sepulchre watch

Harmony of the Gospels

Day of resurrection / Christ's first appearances

143. Resurrection morning

144. Report of the watch

145. Emmaus walk

146. Christ's appearance to disciples in Jerusalem while Thomas absent

Subsequent appearances and ascension

147. Christ's appearance to Thomas with other disciples

148. Christ's appearance to seven disciples by Sea of Galilee

149. Christ's appearance to eleven disciples on a Galilee mountain

150. Christ's final appearance and His ascension

151. Conclusion of John's gospel

Harmony of the Gospels

Non-Biblical Historical Sources on Jesus
(deuterocanonical to Harmony of the Gospels)

An Introduction to Evidence for the Authenticity and Reliability of the Gospel Accounts
(by Cary Weisbaum)

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