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CyberChurch in Second Life®


δοκιμος, through the ministry of the ALM CyberChurch, is active in evangelistic outreach ministry in the interactive virtual world of Second Life®.

The ALM CyberChurch has regular online services, conducts Bible studies, and also gathers spontaneously by believers for fellowship at the dokimos café.

You are invited to visit and join with us in the virtual world of Second Life!

Here's how...
  1. Join Second Life by registering for a free account to get an avatar for virtual world interaction and chat.
    The ALM Cyberchurch is on the adult grid of Second Life, therefore, you must be 18 years or older to apply. You will need to respond to the e-mail you receive when joining to confirm your account. Cost using Second Life occurs only if you wish to purchase the virtual currency of Linden dollars or if you desire to be able to purchase or to purchase virtual land.
  2. Download the software for Second Life, which is available for free.
    It is necessary to use a computer which has the minimum system requirements to use the Second Life software. Video graphic capabilities are especially important...

    Firewall configuration may be required for Second Life software to function on a network...
  3. Login your avatar to Second Life and complete the tutorial which will show you how to use the software.
    Please note that when logging in to Second Life for the first time you will be starting at Tutorial Island. You will need to teleport your avatar off that island within a month's time or else you will lose your account.
  4. Teleport your avatar to the ALM Cyberchurch and the dokimos café.

Like the world wide web, Second Life has both PG and Mature rated areas of content. Therefore, it is highly recommended that responsible disgression should be exercised regarding where you bring your avatar to in Second Life.

The ministry of dokimos may be contacted through evangelist avatar with the Second Life i.d. of "California Condor". Please send me an IM and introduce yourself.

The pastor of ALM Cyberchurch is Benjamin Psaltery. Women's ministry is led by Mariposa Psaltery.

The Second Life Bible is available and freely distributed at the dokimos café.

ALM Cyberchurch
Sunday Morning Services: 11:00 AM (PST)
Ladies' Bible Study Tuesdays: 1:30 PM (PST)

For local time in your area of the world, go to
Select place to convert from as "USA - California - San Francisco".

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