Jesus said,
"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life."
-John 6:47 NKJV

You will receive the free gift of eternal life
and forgiveness of all of your sins
by placing your complete and
undivided trusting faith in God
solely through His Son Jesus, the Messiah.

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Forgiven Forever

I have been forgiven, of all my ugly sins
I have been forgiven, I've been washed clean within
My Dear LORD has saved me, from sin, and guilt, and shame
Yes! I have been forgiven, I praise GOD'S holy name

I am a "New Creation", my heart's YESHUA'S throne
HE walks with me, and talks with me, I never am alone
Yes, I have been forgiven! And I must do the same!!!
All others now, I must forgive, in YESHUA'S name

I must forgive those people, who crushed and broke my heart
As I forgive, YESHUA will give me a "brand new start"
I must forgive, and break the chains,
that bind me hard and fast
As I forgive, I'll be released, and I'll be Free at last

I must forgive, no matter what, and with GOD'S help, I can
I must forgive, and HE will make me, all that HE has planned
YESHUA, helps me overcome, HIS Love is all I need
I can forgive all others, as HE'S forgiven me

I will forgive, and gladly, I'll give it all to GOD
HE is the Judge of all the earth, for HIM, nothing's too hard
I will forgive, and not give place, for satan to come in
I will forgive immediately, and not give way to sin

"I have been forgiven", can I do any less?
I will forgive, and know for sure, my LORD in Love will Bless
"I have been forgiven, and I will do the same"
YESHUA is the Victory, all Glory to HIS NAME

Poem copyright 1991-1992 Lita Kurtzer.
All rights reserved. Published by permission.

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