Play It Again Sam Quote

Play It Again Sam Quote: The Timeless Wisdom that Inspires Us to Keep Going

In the iconic film “Casablanca,” Humphrey Bogart’s character, Rick Blaine, utters a line that has become etched in the annals of cinema history: “Play it again, Sam.” While this phrase is often misquoted, the sentiment behind it remains powerful and resonates with many individuals. The concept of “Play It Again Sam” encapsulates the human spirit’s ability to persevere, find strength in adversity, and never give up. This article explores the profound impact of the quote, presenting a collection of 12 quotes related to the title, followed by 13 points of great advice from professionals who embody the essence of the quote.

Quotes related to the title:

1. “Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake.” – Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca

2. “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” – Tom Lehrer

3. “Play it, Sam. Play ‘As Time Goes By.'” – Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca

4. “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” – Randy Pausch

5. “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.” – Lewis Carroll

Additional quotes related to perseverance and resilience:

1. “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” – Les Brown

2. “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

3. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

4. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

5. “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Advice from professionals who embody the essence of the quote:

1. “Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Each setback is an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.” – Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx

2. “Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. Take risks and trust your instincts. Great accomplishments often require stepping outside your comfort zone.” – Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

3. “Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who believe in you. Their encouragement can help you stay motivated and overcome challenges.” – Oprah Winfrey, Media Mogul

4. “Take time to reflect on your goals and values. When you align your actions with your purpose, you’ll find the strength to keep going, even when faced with obstacles.” – Simon Sinek, Author and Speaker

5. “Find joy in the process. Success is not solely defined by the outcome but by the joy and fulfillment you experience along the way.” – Marie Forleo, Entrepreneur and Author

6. “Be resilient in the face of adversity. Remember that setbacks are temporary, and your ability to rise above them will define your character and success.” – Angela Duckworth, Psychologist and Author

7. “Never underestimate the power of perseverance and persistence. Success often comes to those who refuse to give up, even when it seems impossible.” – Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX


The “Play It Again Sam” quote from “Casablanca” serves as a powerful reminder of the indomitable human spirit. Through perseverance, resilience, and a refusal to give up, individuals can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. The quotes presented here highlight the importance of embracing failure, taking risks, surrounding oneself with positivity, aligning actions with purpose, finding joy in the process, and demonstrating resilience. These valuable pieces of advice from professionals who embody the quote’s essence inspire us to keep going, no matter the challenges we face.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

In a world often plagued by uncertainty and setbacks, the “Play It Again Sam” quote resonates deeply. It encapsulates the belief that no matter how challenging life may be, we possess the strength and resilience to overcome adversity. By embracing failure, taking risks, and staying true to our purpose, we can continue to play the tune of our lives, no matter the circumstances. So, let us remember these words of wisdom, play it again, and keep moving forward on the journey towards our dreams.

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