Quotes From All Quiet On The Western Front With Page Numbers

Quotes From All Quiet On The Western Front With Page Numbers

“All Quiet on the Western Front” is a powerful anti-war novel written by Erich Maria Remarque. Set during World War I, the book provides a harrowing account of the experiences of soldiers on the frontlines. Throughout the novel, Remarque weaves profound quotes that capture the essence of war and its devastating effects. Here are some significant quotes from “All Quiet on the Western Front” with page numbers, highlighting the horrors and realities of war.

1. “Comrade, I did not want to kill you… But you were only an idea to me before, an abstraction that lived in my mind and called forth its appropriate response. It was that abstraction I stabbed. But now, for the first time, I see you are a man like me” (pg. 223).

2. “He fell in October 1918, on a day that was so quiet and still on the whole front, that the army report confined itself to the single sentence: All quiet on the Western Front” (pg. 296).

3. “The first bomb, the first explosion, burst in our hearts” (pg. 12).

4. “We were eighteen and had begun to love life and the world; and we had to shoot it to pieces” (pg. 87).

5. “We want to live at any price; so we cannot burden ourselves with feelings which, though they might be ornamental enough in peacetime, would be out of place here” (pg. 89).

6. “The war has ruined us for everything” (pg. 164).

7. “We are not youth any longer. We don’t want to take the world by storm. We are fleeing. We fly from ourselves. From our life. We were eighteen and had begun to love the world and to love being in it; but we had to shoot at it. The first shell to land went straight for our hearts. We’ve been cut off from real action, from getting on, from progress. We don’t believe in those things any more; we believe in the war” (pg. 263).

8. “They have taken away our fathers, our brothers; those they have not killed they have driven into exile everywhere on earth. We live in fever, in a nightmare of dread of each night and each morning” (pg. 290).

9. “It is very queer that the unhappiness of the world is so often brought on by small men” (pg. 297).

10. “And thus we drift onward. Like water, like air, we flow over the dead and the living. We march blindly forward, destroying all around us” (pg. 296).

11. “War is the father of all things” (pg. 87).

12. “We have lost all sense of other considerations, because they are artificial. Only the facts are real and important to us. And good boots are hard to come by” (pg. 215).

13. “When they tell you that such a one was brave, you ask, ‘Brave against what?’ In the war there is no bravery or cowardice; there is only stupor, fear, darkness, and hunger. If you are stabbed or bombed, you are done for—you got it, whether you are quick or slow. If you are not, then you have it to come” (pg. 76).

Advice from professionals who relate to “All Quiet on the Western Front” quotes:

1. “War is a human tragedy beyond measure. Let us strive for peace and understanding instead.” – Nelson Mandela

2. “The path to peace begins with empathy and compassion towards all human beings.” – Dalai Lama

3. “We must learn from history and ensure that the horrors of war are never repeated.” – Ban Ki-moon

4. “War is not the answer. Dialogue and diplomacy are essential for resolving conflicts.” – Kofi Annan

5. “The true heroes are those who work tirelessly to prevent wars and promote global harmony.” – Malala Yousafzai

6. “War destroys lives, families, and communities. Let’s invest in education and development instead.” – Michelle Bachelet

7. “Every effort to promote peace and justice is a step towards a better world.” – Desmond Tutu


“All Quiet on the Western Front” is a poignant novel that vividly portrays the horrors of war. Through the carefully crafted quotes by Erich Maria Remarque, readers are confronted with the devastating impact of war on individuals and society. The book serves as a powerful reminder of the need to strive for peace and understanding in our world.

Common Questions:

1. What is the main theme of “All Quiet on the Western Front”?

The main theme of the book is the dehumanizing effects of war and the loss of innocence experienced by young soldiers.

2. Why is “All Quiet on the Western Front” considered an anti-war novel?

The novel exposes the brutal realities of war and challenges the glorification of combat, presenting war as a senseless and destructive endeavor.

3. How does Remarque portray the soldiers’ experiences in the novel?

Remarque portrays the soldiers’ experiences as traumatic and dehumanizing, emphasizing the physical and psychological toll of war.

4. What is the significance of the title, “All Quiet on the Western Front”?

The title signifies the irony of the war. Although the front may be quiet at times, it is only a temporary respite from the constant threat and violence.

5. How does the novel explore the concept of camaraderie among soldiers?

The novel highlights the deep bonds formed between soldiers, as they rely on each other for survival and seek solace in their shared experiences.

6. What is the overall message of “All Quiet on the Western Front”?

The overall message of the novel is that war is a senseless and devastating endeavor that ultimately dehumanizes and destroys individuals and societies.

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